Slackin’ slightly.

Firstly guys, thanks so much for your lovely comments and messages of support since I started teaching - they are all greatly appreciated! Secondly, I apologize for my lack of posts. I am absolutely exhausted! My lovely friend Helene stayed with me over the weekend before flying home to Lyon, so I had to play... Continue Reading →

MyDestination: The Intern

Nearing the end of second year at University, lectures and careers advisers were nagging us to start looking into securing a summer placement, a vital part of our course, and people seemed to fall into a mad panic. Where do we look, what can we apply for, where should we go?! I know a lot... Continue Reading →

Day one in Mumbai.

After landing half an hour early, trudging through baggage claim and finally bursting into the humid heat of Mumbai, I've been reunited with my mother! And the dog, of course. Boy I have missed her! The traffic was horrendous, unlike anything I've experienced in all my years of travelling around Asia. Buses, cars, rickshaws, buffaloes,... Continue Reading →

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