Exploring the Neiwan train line

Hi everyone! Yay for Sunday, right?! I'm so excited to share this blog post with you all, because it's genuinely one of the most interesting days I've had in a long time. In England it's often really difficult to just jump on a train and go and explore somewhere, unless you're wealthy enough to not... Continue Reading →

Yingge and Sanxia, Taiwan

Last Saturday I had a terrible sleep and I decided to treat myself to a day of exploration. I'm so glad I did! I managed to catch a train around 11am and with it being Sunday, it was SO BUSY! Everyone was squashed together on the train. Couples, grandparents, babies, business men and a few... Continue Reading →

Teaching in Hsinchu [7]

Wow! What a week it's been. More ups and downs and rollercoaster emotions, but lots of great things have happened. Classes this week have been challenging again except for Friday, but here's a quick summary of the week. Tuesday was great - despite only having four hours of sleep, I got the first train to... Continue Reading →

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