Back to school

(Not just for the majority of the UK, but also for me.) I'm heading back to BEET language center for another 3 months and I'mĀ ecstatic! My classes will be different once again as I go on to teach Pre-intermediate first thing, followed by an Upper-intermediate class before lunch. I'm super excited and I've been told... Continue Reading →


Apologies for the late update, as we finished our course on Friday afternoon! My provisional grade is a Pass - and fingers crossed it stays that way. The last week was an odd one. Until Wednesday we were all panicking about re-subs and whether or not we had done enough to pass. Completing final lesson... Continue Reading →

CELTA part two.

Good morning lovely people (a very early morning, may I add.) After getting up at 5am to start my day, I thought it was about time for that week two update on the CELTA course I'm studying for. Unfortunately I have to re-submit my first assignment, for which I am kicking myself! It's a fairly... Continue Reading →

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