Google Jamboard

I have created a board to help my students revise some (just some!) of their new vocabulary from this week. If you have a moment, why not check it out?

A Round Up: August 2020

Whilst I think I have tried to improve my teaching skills, and understanding of the English language, every month since I started teaching, I haven't made more of an effort than in these last 6 months.

A Round Up: May 2020

What on earth is going on everyone? I cannot believe how quickly this year is going by. We're almost half of the way through and in some ways nothing has happened, yet everything has happened! Now believe me when I say I'm not one for those 'look at my lockdown 6-pack' or 'I've renovated my... Continue Reading →

A Collaboration: Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome has been around since the beginning but is becoming more understood, and more prominent, amongst teachers. Here, we’re going to share our experiences to give you a little more insight into how it can happen so easily.

Teaching: 1-to-1

There was about a year when I had no 1 to 1 classes, for various reasons. I didn’t really think anything of it. I loved the group classes that I taught and I never really needed to teach privately, so I didn’t. I never thought of teaching privately to expand my knowledge or skills. In many ways, I wish I had taught more 1 to 1 lessons before the lockdown, but here we are!

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