Tips for teaching phrasal verbs

I wrote a short text about resolutions and improving ourselves, and then turned it into a phrasal verb gap fill. Although I realise it is quite unnatural to have a short text overflowing with ‘up’ phrasal verbs, my students were able to ...

New Year’s Resolutions 2021

I'd like to branch out (IELTS again, CPE) and explore some new textbooks, different games and try and 'test' my students in more effective ways. The majority of my students will be taking exams (B2-C2) this year and I want to ensure that I can help them to be as prepared as possible.

Working from home? Add a background!

have struggled with my teaching background throughout the year. I wasn't sure if a more 'natural' look was better or if I should have staged it from the beginning. Sometimes I'd have my bookcases, other times I'd be at the dining table with the plants in the background.

Finding your own students

The talk helped me realise that I needed to get these things in order so that I could make my life easier, be more supportive of my (prospective) students and also to market myself better.

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