Teaching in Hsinchu [10]

Yet another week that shouldn't really be titled 'teaching in Hsinchu' but as I started the pattern, there's no point in changing it. This week, my tenth week in Hsinchu, was also my last. On Monday I got the train to Taichung to meet two of my old BEET students. It was 32°C and absolutely beautiful! Then... Continue Reading →

Teaching in Hsinchu [8]

Hellooo everyone! I hope you enjoyed my latest post - my trip to Yingge and Sanxia, Taiwan. If you haven't read it yet, you should! I can't really call this post 'Teaching' in Hsinchu as I've spent most of the week in bed, but there we go. Monday was lovely - I had an interview... Continue Reading →

Teaching in Hsinchu [7]

Wow! What a week it's been. More ups and downs and rollercoaster emotions, but lots of great things have happened. Classes this week have been challenging again except for Friday, but here's a quick summary of the week. Tuesday was great - despite only having four hours of sleep, I got the first train to... Continue Reading →

Teaching in Hsinchu [4]

Wow. FOUR WEEKS! Where have four weeks gone? I've been putting off this blog post for a few days now because, honestly, it wasn't going to be in the least bit positive. I started to write it on my way to work earlier but then I stepped in a massive pile of dog s--- and... Continue Reading →

Teaching in Hsinchu, Taiwan [3]

Tomorrow marks my third week in Taiwan, and wow has it flown by! It feels like I've been here for months already. I've finally found some places to eat safely, I've discovered more great coffee shops and I've even made a few friends! I'm happy here so far and there's no chance of being bored.... Continue Reading →

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