Teaching in Hsinchu [5]

I think it's fair to say that the first day of week five and the first day of October did not go to plan! My landlord didn't have the courtesy to tell me he wasn't going to make our appointment, after I'd waited for ages for him. I studied a bit this week, I've been... Continue Reading →

Saturday night in Taipei

Our last night together as a family, we decided to have cocktails & wine overlooking the Taipei skyline. Despite the cloud and rain, it's a beautiful sight. Not as stunning as Bangkok or Hong Kong, but still, a lovely view.  Great service from the bar staff in the Marco Polo Lounge at the Far Eastern... Continue Reading →

Vegans in Taipei

The two weeks before my holiday started I decided to try out being vegan. It was tough some days. All I wanted were crisps or chocolate, but on the whole I felt pretty energised and healthy. Since arriving in Taipei I don't think I've had an entire day without eating something I shouldn't have. My... Continue Reading →

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