If there's one thing that truly makes me happy is a perfect picture. Maybe not perfect in terms of light or surrounding, but when you look at it and think, that sums up how I felt at that moment. Instant photos are my favourites because even if you're posing for them, it's like capturing a... Continue Reading →

Wherever next?

To Blanford Forum! Yes, mother and I once again found a random place on the map and drove off for the afternoon. What an absolutely gorgeous day! Relatively warm, not a single cloud in the sky and flowers in bloom all over the place. We had a quick coffee break in a lovely cafe /... Continue Reading →

Day eight in Mumbai.

After getting up at midnight to watch City beat United •yaaaaaaay• I didn't get much sleep, we didn't have breakfast and headed straight into the city, unaware of the horrendous journey we were about to endure. There was a political rally taking place which caused numerous roads to be closed off, people were walking in... Continue Reading →

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