Level up, level up!

The words I hear so often at the moment. All these students want to do is 'level up', even if they don't put the work in to actually improve. It's literally draining my brain and body of energy, each time I have to explain why they cannot 'level up'. This is not super mario or... Continue Reading →

I’m a teacher (week 3!)

Wow-o-wow! Where on earth has the past two weeks gone? Today marks the┬áthird┬áMonday that I have been a teacher and I've loved (almost) every minute of it! My lessons today were hilarious - my intermediate class had me speaking Chinese and were asking about my plans after working at BEET. I always find it quite... Continue Reading →

I’m a teacher (week 2)!

Hey everyone! I apologize for keeping you in the dark this week - it's been hectic! My classes improved drastically and thankfully I wasn't pulling my hair out over planning every minute of every lesson. I taught just about every aspect of the language this week, from grammar and vocab to reading, writing, interviewing, complaints... Continue Reading →

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