AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Thank you for choosing Cathay Pacific Airways. We apologise that due to operational requirements, CX 238 flight departing from London, Heathrow has been cancelled. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH SHIT. WHY!? WHYYYYY MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?! Panic. Panic. Panic. On the plus side, my last few days have been pretty wonderful. On Monday I had my last, final day of teaching (for real, this time).... Continue Reading →

Pre-China Weekend

As my last weekend in the UK draws to a close, it only seems right to reflect on everything that I'm feeling at the moment. Wow. I am terrified. Friday was the start of my 'official' goodbyes as I met up with a friend who I haven't seen in over a year, and as soon as we met... Continue Reading →

Checklist for China

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! IN SIX DAYS I WILL BE MOVING ACROSS THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD TO CHINA. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Okay. Freak out over. Sort of. I'm not even kidding when I say I AM SO NERVOUS. Especially as I've had the worst stomach pains ever for 3 days running now and I have NO IDEA WHY!!! Why?! I... Continue Reading →

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