Deutschland: hab dich lieb

So my trip to Germany started at 4:30 this morning, which is never a pretty time to wake up. We stayed at the Hampton Hilton hotel at Stansted airport and it was lovely, brand new and full of festive spirit! I'd definitely recommend staying there if you're ever flying out early. Comfy bed / rooms... Continue Reading →

Guten morgen, Deutschland

Hello! Back on my travels again... This time in Germany. After this morning, I will try an update every day. So please excuse the double post and cramming of photographs, there are quite a few already! After having to wake up at 3am on Monday morning, we had a fairly long journey considering we are... Continue Reading →

Wherever next?

To Blanford Forum! Yes, mother and I once again found a random place on the map and drove off for the afternoon. What an absolutely gorgeous day! Relatively warm, not a single cloud in the sky and flowers in bloom all over the place. We had a quick coffee break in a lovely cafe /... Continue Reading →

Day ten. Transit.

Today was the final day with everyone. Dad was heading off to a place that sounds like ciabatta whilst I headed home, leaving mum and the puppy alone again in Mumbai. I awoke at the crack of dawn from another rough nights sleep, drifting in and out of vague dreams, debating whether or not to... Continue Reading →

Day nine in Mumbai.

My final full day in Mumbai and I woke up determined to enjoy it, despite the continuous reminder that tomorrow I would once again be saying goodbye to my parents and my dog. The breakfast was awful, such a poor selection and none of it looked nice. We had a walk around the compound before... Continue Reading →

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