Day six in Bangalore.

Our last day started with a rather large breakfast.. I wasn't feeling well and knew we had a long day ahead of us so decided to fill myself up with fruit, cereal, pancakes, pastries and toast • Mum and I set off to visit Bangalore Palace, but the driver mentioned this park he thought we... Continue Reading →

Day five in Bangalore.

Today was an interesting one.. We had an early breakfast in the hotel with Dad before he went to work, but unfortunately everything tasted like cardboard. At half ten mum and I went around the city in search of some cheap, little trinkets, which we failed to find. However, what we did come across was... Continue Reading →

Day four in Bangalore.

We got off to a rough start this morning after not sleeping very well and an incredibly disappointing breakfast. We were heading to Bangalore for the weekend to spend some time with my dad after he has just opened a new store here! .. Where to begin ey? Mumbai domestic airport is a nightmare.. It's... Continue Reading →

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