Below is a list of where my work has been published, and links if possible

Many of the links are no longer available as websites have been deleted or links have been removed, and I am therefore working on an updated version of this page.

Please be patient with me.

Brighter Craft

Phuket Magazine [online]

Phuket Gazette [print]

Useful Times [online]

My Destination [online]

Discovering Prague

Seeker News [print and online]

FRESHER [print] [online]

A city guide to Amsterdam

Book a boutique hotel in London

 Exploring Singapore

Melbourne Comedy Festival

Book a Sicilian Boutique hotel [2]

New York Long Weekend [2]

Luxurious Hong Kong Hotels [2]

Singapore Yacht Show [2]

Taste of Cape Town [2]

Brighton Festival [3]

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival [3]

Paris Serviced Apartments [3]

Luxury Sydney Hotels [3]

Penang World Music Festival [3]

Singapore Business Hotels [4]

Neapolitan Cuisine [4]

Paris Hotels French Open [4]

Chelsea Flower Show [4]

Dubai Business Hotel [4]

Prague Easter Markets [5]

Koh Pha Ngan Full Moon Party [5]

Beach Hotel in the Maldives [5]

Serviced Apartments in Ho Chi Minh [5]

Covent Garden Hotel [5]

London’s Museums [6]

Barcelona’s Bridal Week [6]

Vivid Sydney [6]

Penang Dragon Boat Festival [6]

Singapore Serviced Apartments [6]

Prague Fringe Festival [7]

LA Pride & Hollywood [7]

Barcelona & Catalan Cuisine [7]

Luxurious Dubai [7]

A Foodie’s guide to Hong Kong [7]

Kensington & London Wine Fair [8]

Barcelona Sonar Festival [8]

Queenstown Winter Festival [8]

Montreux Jazz Festival [8]

Book a Break in the Big Apple [8]

Taste of Durban [9]

London Serviced Apartments [9]

Luxurious Delhi Hotels [9]

Bangkok’s Night Life [9]

Spa Break in Samui [9]

Wimbledon Hotels [10]

Wireless Festival [10]

Gion Matsuri Kyoto Hotels [10]

Summer Break in Mallorca [10]

Luang Prabang [10]

Bastille Day in Paris [11]

You Stay Classy San Diego [11]

Hong Kong Arts Festival [11]

Bugis & Arab Street Hotels [11]

Brighton in the Summertime [11]

Istanbul Jazz Fest [12]

Dubrovnik Summer Fest [12]

Edinburgh Fringe Fest [12] Blogs

The Secrets of Rural Germany [2]

4 thoughts on “Publications

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  1. I’ve recently considered entering the world of freelance myself.

    Do you have any tips on how to approach and not get overwhelmed? With so many publications out there, I don’t know where to start!

    1. Hey, I haven’t done it in a few years if I’m honest and every job I had was either through my school, my University of friends of friends… I used to look via for ‘freelance journalist’ or ‘freelance writer’ but unfortunately that’s all the advice I have for now. It’s probably changed a lot since I last looked as well

      1. Fair enough! I will let you know if I pick up any tips along the way. I think Step 1 is just writing and choosing a few places to submit your work to! Simple as that (but somehow I still overcomplicate it).

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