Review: Raise Up! B2

I decided to start with Unit 1, which is about health and fitness and features two different groups of people. If used accordingly, the issues you could raise with your students could be all or some of the following: disabilities, judgement, unemployment, friendship...

Review: Speak Out Advanced

I was bored of English File, I didn't have access to Total English and I couldn't afford Life / Outcomes. In the end, I decided to grab a copy of Speak Out Advanced and I'm really glad that I did.

A review: Gold Advanced ActiveTeach

Last week I finally received a copy of Gold Advanced classroom software. The classroom software that most schools are equipped with are lifesavers and I love them (okay, most of them!). Having the option to write, highlight, quickly play the audio and open up the tape scripts really makes life easier and being without these... Continue Reading →

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