February 2021

February... what a strange month you were. I am not sorry to say goodbye and I’m extremely excited for March. The daffodils, baby lambs being born and the sun shining more frequently. It’s just what we need after 11.5 months of lockdown! I’ve been working hard and trying to keep up with my goals -... Continue Reading →

How I use music to learn Mandarin Chinese

Once you've had a go at translating what you know, you can then pick up the dictionary and start translating the words that you don't know. Usually I write the pinyin into the dictionary but sometimes I do write the characters with the handwriting tool on Pleco (Chinese dictionary app) or Google Translate.

Review: Raise Up! B2

I decided to start with Unit 1, which is about health and fitness and features two different groups of people. If used accordingly, the issues you could raise with your students could be all or some of the following: disabilities, judgement, unemployment, friendship...

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