A review: Gold Advanced ActiveTeach

Last week I finally received a copy of Gold Advanced classroom software. The classroom software that most schools are equipped with are lifesavers and I love them (okay, most of them!). Having the option to write, highlight, quickly play the audio and open up the tape scripts really makes life easier and being without these... Continue Reading →

Tips for teaching phrasal verbs

I wrote a short text about resolutions and improving ourselves, and then turned it into a phrasal verb gap fill. Although I realise it is quite unnatural to have a short text overflowing with ‘up’ phrasal verbs, my students were able to ...

Back to the daily grind

Luckily for me, being organised is not a new year's resolution as my dad passed on his organisation skills when I was young and it's always stuck. If I'm not organised I can't function, so I thought I'd share a few 'back to work' tips for staying on top of things. I hope they help!

New Year’s Resolutions 2021

I'd like to branch out (IELTS again, CPE) and explore some new textbooks, different games and try and 'test' my students in more effective ways. The majority of my students will be taking exams (B2-C2) this year and I want to ensure that I can help them to be as prepared as possible.

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