Why I’m giving up TV for a month

This morning I struggled to wake up for the 4th day in a row. Why?
I’m hooked on Scandinavian crime dramas (and Nordic noir novels). Absolutely hooked.

I’m about to finish the fourth and final season of The Bridge (Broen) and I’ve been watching it well into the early hours of the morning for the weeks (plus a few others before it). I absolutely love crime dramas, almost as much as I love crime fiction, but they are definitely taking over my life.

In January, I read 10 books. I had fewer teaching hours and was able to stay up until 2/3am reading, although even then did I notice how groggy and slow I felt in the mornings that followed. Some of you may remember that when I lived in Manchester we were never able to sleep due to our neighbours, and in the last two weeks I feel as though I’m insulting myself by not taking full advantage of the peace and quiet here and getting a decent night’s sleep.

So, from tomorrow, I’ll be giving up TV shows, series and movies* until April 1st in order to focus on sleeping properly, waking up earlier and being more productive. I also hate being grumpy, and me without sleep just doesn’t work anymore. The days of functioning on 3 hours of sleep are long behind me! (Cheers to being 20!)

*I’ll watch the West Ham football matches and our Thursday night hour of Death in Paradise, but that’s it!

Recently, I have started putting a lot of effort into my languages (blog post coming soon!) and until last weekend I was doing really well and making a lot of visible progress. Due to my lack of sleep it has been poor this week because I’m just too tired and slow. I feel guilty, yet I still stay up until 2am watching TV, knowing I won’t be able to have an early start and study before my teaching.

After my lessons this morning I’m going to indulge in coffee, cake and the final episode (ever) of The Bridge, and then start studying again. I also need to go for a run again as I had a week off due to being unwell last week, but was doing well with 3 runs a week!

Overall, I’d say I’ve been watching 4-5 hours of TV a day in the last 2 weeks and it has completed stifled my progress and mood – so here’s to a new day tomorrow and a productive few weeks ahead!

What stops you being productive? How do you manage your time more effectively?

My Nordic noir/ Scandinavian crime series recommendations:
The Bridge
The Killing
Wallander (not the BBC version)

One thought on “Why I’m giving up TV for a month

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  1. I am currently watching “The (US) Office” and have been binge watching everyday. It just hooks me and I end up watching so many episodes each day. This too leaves little time to study Japanese or Korean. However, I should try to study for 30 minutes each day.

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