My first ever Spanish lesson!

I have wanted to learn Spanish for as long as I can remember, and when loads of my classmates studied it for their GCSE and A-levels I remember feeling fairly envious. They’d be able to chat away to each other, understand the music and movies without any issues and it seemed really cool.

On the other hand, I focused on French, then German and Chinese. I never thought my brain could handle a fifth language and now I’m struggling with just the one, so I’m going to try and start now before it’s too late.

I’ve used Duolingo, watched movies and translated Spanish music lyrics, but none of that is the same as attending lessons, right? So, after hours of searching for classes, courses, teachers and trials*, I finally found something online with IH. I decided to book a trial lesson before making any big commitments, and here’s how it went:

*I had also booked a free trial on iTalki, but the lady never responded to my request or email, so that left me feeling a little reluctant to try another tutor straight away.

Company: International House London
Time: 45 minutes
Class size: 3

There were only three of us in the class and we started right on time. The teacher was friendly and welcoming straightaway and once we had said our hellos, she spoke Spanish for most of the lesson, except to explain some more complex like ‘entonces’ (so) and ‘ahora’ (now).

I never know what to expect from trial lessons, but I definitely enjoyed this.

In 45 minutes we covered the numbers and basic introductory phrases with a lot of repetition.

My name is…
Me llamos es / Soy

I am… years old
Tengo treinta anos

I’m from…
Soy de Inglaterra

¡Hola! Qué tal?

and she also taught us a few questions, which we definitely needed!

How do you say this in Spanish?
Como se dice —– en espanol?

Could you say this more slowly please?
Puede hablar mas despacio, por favor?

Plus some simple words like ‘leer’ (read), ‘bajo’ (quietly) and ‘agua’ (water).

¡Hola! Me llamo Claire…

I was surprised at how nervous I felt, even though I already knew quite a few of the words from friends at uni. I have never tried to speak Spanish so I know my pronunciation is awful, but I feel as though I should be making an effort to learn it now before I regret it even more.

Have you had any trial lessons for new languages? How did they go for you?

Also, if you’re a Spanish speaker (native or not!) and you know of some interesting podcasts or movies, please share them with me!

Thank you and hasta pronto!

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