New Year’s Resolutions Quick Lesson Plan

Here’s something I came up with this morning in order for my students to practise their ‘up’ phrasal verbs that we were looking at last week, but also to link to the relevant topic of new year and protentional resolutions.

One of my students is aiming to improve her reading skills and the time it takes her to complete reading activities, and I felt that this worked well for her today. However, I feel as though it may be a little easy for my C1++ student this weekend so I did create a second text with some harder language. Let’s see how he gets on!

If anyone is looking for a low prep, easy going lesson plan about new year’s resolutions then I do hope you find this useful.

I’ve made the slide available to everyone and please feel free to take it, make it your own or adapt it in any way. And finally, I’d love to know if you do use it and how it goes for you and your students.

Google Slides link here

Introduction: Mind map for words relating to new year’s eve and the new year
Followed by a few general new year’s questions
B2/C1 level text with ‘up’ phrasal verbs and new year’s theme
A few ‘up’ phrasal verb exercises with synonyms

Google Slides link here

Let me know what you think! Thanks and happy new year to you all x

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