My favourite blog posts of 2020

Sometimes, not that often though, I get asked what my favourite posts are or which blog post of mine would I most like to share with others. Usually it happens when I recommend someone’s blog, and in return they recommend mine and I never really know which one to suggest.

I love my Taiwan blog posts because they were all special to me. I was living abroad and exploring my second home, alone, for the first time, I was teaching in a completely new way and I was truly living the expat life. I enjoyed writing about my PGCE preparation and my teaching experiences but it is definitely difficult to pick just one. So for now, I’m going back through my blog posts and I’m going to pick a few of my favourites from this year alone. Next time I might do a personal ‘hall of fame’, but we’ll see.

Ready, then? Let’s go!

#5, I would have to pick my first post of 2020 because this post has absolutely helped me to keep myself accountable for my actions, my goals and to ensure I blog at least once a month. I spent a long time preparing to write this post and I often go back to it when I’m reflecting on a month or two of the year. From the age of 19/20 I stopped writing silly lists of resolutions because I knew I would never stick to them, but this year I was determined to make some changes in my life and resolutions seemed necessary.

2020: My resolutions for a new decade

I have no doubt that there will be endless things to do in Manchester and I want to get as involved as possible. I want to join a language exchange, an expats group, possibly yoga, the Endometriosis group and hopefully I’ll be able to find a plant-lovers group too. 

#4, I will add two posts into this spot because they’re on the same topic. Back in February (does anyone remember Feb?) I wrote about impostor syndrome as I was struggling badly with some higher level classes, but eventually was relieved that I rose to the challenge! I later collaborated with my friend Helene (check out her blog!) and we wrote about it again but from two different angles.

Impostor syndrome is always popping up on my timeline in some way or another and I often find myself saying, Hey! I wrote a post on this! I know that it will always be a fairly relatable topic and hope people find these blogs useful. I certainly need to reread them and take my own advice at times.

A Collaboration: Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome has been around since the beginning but is becoming more understood, and more prominent, amongst teachers. Here, we’re going to share our experiences to give you a little more insight into how it can happen so easily.

Imposter Syndrome

What is imposter syndrome? People who may identify with the Impostor Phenomenon experience intense feelings that their achievements are undeserved and worry that they are likely to be exposed as a ‘fraud’ (as explained in a fantastic study undertaken by Sakulku and Alexander) Dr Pauline Clance first coined the term in 1985, after completing a… Continue Reading →

#3, I’ll have as my TEFL post that absolutely set the bar for the rest of the year. This blog post went far and wide within hours and I was completely gobsmacked. People were retweeting, sharing and adding it onto ‘must read’ pages for the following three months and it was awesome. Sadly, no other post has come even close to doing as well as this one, but I’m glad nonetheless. It was a very difficult, challenging and risky post to write, but I felt as though it needed writing.

The trouble with TEFL

After quite a few requests for this post, here it is! I am desperate to spread the word about how difficult it can be as an English language teacher both in the UK and abroad, especially as there are so many misconceptions about both. Many people believe that teaching abroad is just a big holiday… Continue Reading →

#2, Would have to be my post about creating an online professional learning network. It is something I have been working on since last June, but the inspiration to write about it came from the lovely Eirini, who asked me if I would take part in some research for her Master’s thesis. I’m so glad I did because not only did I get to help her, but I also had the chance to reflect on my own network and how I interact with them. It was interesting and a lot of fun!

#1, this was a tough one to choose as I didn’t want this to be a top ten or top twenty, you know I like to ramble! But my number one blog post will be my twenties post. I have spent a looooot of time reflecting on the last decade this year, give that I have just turned 30! And although I don’t often look back with fond memories, writing this blog post has made me realise just how much I have experienced and achieved.

If you have read any of my posts this year and particularly enjoyed one of them I’d love it if you could let me know which one it was. I have tried to ramble less and be more succinct in my posts this year, but admittedly that hasn’t always worked. I love my blog and have enjoyed connecting with so many people around the world through it. I’m looking forward to carrying on the momentum in 2021!

If you have been following along for a while and have any comments about my posts, please feel free to drop me a message, a tweet or a comment! I’m always grateful for any feedback.

But until the next post, I hope you enjoy this one!

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