Big news, we’re on the move!

So, as we prepare for move number 4 together, in under 2 years!, this is the one I’m most worried about. However, funnily enough, all of our moves have been quite stressful in one way or another. Aren’t they all?

By now, you would have thought we would be experts on moving. But each move has come with its own set of worries from moving vans to contracts, mould to downsizing.

This time, it’s downsizing and moving into someone else’s home. Thankfully, it’s a lovely home and I’m very excited. However, I have a few concerns

  1. were in the middle of a pandemic!
  2. It’ll be around Christmas time. Will we be able to rent a van? Will the storage companies be open?
  3. How on Earth will I move / keep / sell all of my plants? The Barton Jungle is about to be dismantled 😢 
  4. How do I downsize?
  5. What will I have to do in terms of closing down accounts for water, taxes and so on? The previous times we simply had to transfer our names! 

Well, to start off with we are going to my parents’ house this weekend to help my mum make some space and to figure out how much we will be able to bring (and what). That’s the first step. I also have a loooot of old things at my parents’ house that I could probably get rid of, in order to make space for what I have now. Things like old clothes, books and souvenirs.

Keepsakes, but more like hoarded items. 

Once we’ve done this, taken a case of clothes and some special plants, figured out what we definitely don’t need (I already know that’ll be toiletries and kitchen items), then we can start selling / gifting / throwing other things away. 

One thing I am worried about is paying for things to go into storage if we’ll never need them again, or on the other hand, getting rid of items we might actually need in a few months. But hey, there’s pros and cons to both sides and our goal right now is to save as much money as possible.

The second thing I’m worried about is how will we move all of our things to Wales? A lorry will cost us a fortune, I can’t drive a manual car and my dad can’t lift heavy items anymore, so there’s another dilemma. Hilariously, when we moved within Manchester we hired a man and a van and my friend came to help with her car too. We did two trips with the van, a trip with my friend and when my parents arrived we took about 8 journeys with them too. That’s ok for a 20 minute drive, but not 2 hours! So, we’re wondering we’ll do next. 

Part of me thinks this is the perfect time to get rid of everything I own. Live, well, out of a box at last. I’ve wanted to do this for years, but I have honestly never gotten close to it. Every time I see a plant, a book or a jumper, I’d buy it. Or them. I have always felt as though more possessions would make the house nicer, more homely or, the worst one, make me happier. Well folks, I can confirm that having 250 plants, or 500 books, or 15 hoodies, will not make you happier if you don’t accept who you are.

I’m starting to think that I need to embrace myself. With the pandemic it was impossible to donate things I no longer wanted, and I’m not happy about throwing things away if they could be given a second life. So I kept hold of things. Now I have a great opportunity to live with less and I’m really going to try and make the most of it!

Am I starting to sound like I’ve been reading Marie Kondo? Because I haven’t. In fact, I’ve never read her books or watched her shows, but I’ve heard a bit about it. Perhaps it’s time I did?!

So, to begin my downsizing project there is a list of things I need to do:

  1. watch / listen to Marie Kondo
  2. Decide on which books to let go
  3. Get rid of clothes I haven’t worn in a year (ish)
  4. Donate shoes I don’t / can’t wear 
  5. Stop hoarding kitchen items (seriously, I have over 20 spoons!)

After that… let’s see what’s next!

The most I’ve ever downsized was when I used to spend a Saturday emptying my wardrobe and only keeping a handful of clothes. My parents always had a lot of space for our things, or I left some at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house, but now I don’t have those options.

I’m hoping this will be a therapeutic journey (is journey the right word here?) and I’d love to know if you’ve done the same! 

How did you feel before and after? Have you managed to carry on with a more minimalist lifestyle? Or did you go back to having more items? 

I’m thinking that as we’re going to be four people in a cosy home, less is definitely the way forward as there just won’t be space to leave things lying around all over the place, or even put away. It’s possible we will be renting out storage for things like our microwave, summer clothes and bookcases, but I can’t exactly do that with plants and books. So… let’s see how I get on! Perhaps I’ll do a weekly downsizing update, or maybe just a before, middle and afterwards. What do you think?

Are you a Marie Kondo fan? Or a clutter bug like myself? Comment, Tweet me or drop me a text! I’d love to know your take on this. Speak soon! 

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