Moving mid-pandemic

If you’re reading this from Twitter, then you may remember a while ago that I tweeted about being disappointed that my boyfriend wasn’t keen on the idea of moving in with my parents. Well, he quite quickly warmed up to the idea and wrote to his boss to request a period of time working from home. And oh my god… the last three/four weeks have felt like years, especially as the neighbours have become worse and worse by the day!

We had pretty much given up on the idea of being able to move in with my parents after all. Because if his boss wouldn’t allow him to be out of the city, we couldn’t risk him losing his job. I know many companies have told their staff to expect to be working from home until March / April and some even June! But Jonas’ company hasn’t made any plans and has told their staff that it’ll just be an on-going situation and they’ll review it as and when. That’s smart, to be honest, and I can’t blame them. 

Working from home really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be for everyone, especially when you get on with a great team that works well in an office, so I can understand why some companies are reluctant to allow it. So, okay, anyway… I was looking for houses one morning last week, just in case something had cropped up, when Jonas knocked on the door, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“He said yes!”

I knew what he meant, straight away, and the relief was HUGE. We had started to think about just moving in with my parents whilst still paying rent on our Manchester apartment, but that defeats the point of us trying to save money for a deposit. Although, it would certainly give us a break from the neighbours.

I am so relieved by this news, knowing that we finally have an escape from yet another noisy flat. We can save some money, live by the mountains and the beach. Share amazing wine and food with my parents, have other humans to talk to for once (Jonas isn’t sure about this point!). It’ll be a squeeze for space, but I am just so grateful to my parents and so excited to have a quiet little town house and some fresh, countryside air to breathe in! 

So, moving during a pandemic!

I know many of my Twitter followers have done it over the last few months and, to be honest so did we. We moved in June / July, but things were a little more normal then. We have a lot to get on with, but my biggest concern right now is my plants. My beautiful, overgrown jungle of an apartment will definitely not be able to move to Wales with me… and I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with them all!

Although I should, by now, be an expert on moving, I know that I’m not. I’ve moved so many times with my family, on my own and with Jonas and I really do know what it all goes, what I need to prepare for and organise. I also know that shouldn’t be worried about this move, but of course I am #worrierforlife

In short, I need a jumbo checklist and we will have to sell / gift / throw away quite a few things… so if you have any tips for de-cluttering or major downsizings, please leave your comments here! 

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