Google Jamboard

After reading Katy’s blog here, and playing around with the Jamboard she has created, I felt like this was a tool that might work for me. I was busy last night but decided this was something for me to look at today and further over the weekend.

This morning I downloaded the app to see if it would offer me a quick way to add new vocabulary for a revision session whilst on the bus to work. Sadly, it didn’t.

My first thoughts were that it’s fiddly. You try to pinch an object but the frame zooms in or out, which is a bit annoying. You can’t type directly into the board, which makes the writing with your finger a bit too time consuming. It seemed messy, annoying and not worth my time.

However, when I arrived home this afternoon I decided to play around on the website and I found myself a little more surprised. It is very easy to use and there are minimal options, therefore you don’t feel the need to spend ages making the page look facing, or adding silly fonts.

I have created a board to help my students revise some (just some!) of their new vocabulary from this week. If you have a moment, why not check it out?

Claire’s vocab Jamboard

or try out my #BeKind Jamboard

I’m going to leave it here for people to have a play around with, if you wish, and ask for feedback before I send it over to my students. And also, you may find this YouTube video helpful! Google Jamboard 2020 Update

I’d like to think this might be a good classroom tool, but I’m not fully convinced yet!

Let me know if you try out the Jamboard, what you think of it and if you use it in your own classroom (online or in the room!)

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