A Round Up: July 2020

Hey, everyone!

I can’t believe that I have, once again, not written for an entire month. I keep beating myself up about it but in all honesty I’ve been really, super busy.

However, I promised to write at least a monthly round up, if nothing else. So here goes.

July was both tough and exciting. I took my first holiday since January so that Jonas and I could move house and spend time with my family, who helped us move. I have taught a crazy amount of hours, worked six days a week and have been rapidly growing my plant collection.

So, how am I getting on with my goals?

  • Be a better teacher

Did I work on becoming a better teacher in July? Absolutely. I took three online courses with ITTC Bournemouth on Grammar, skills and pronunciation and I loved them all. I learnt a lot and have been able to put new ideas into practice (and seen them work!).

I taught IELTS for 8 weeks and the final lesson finished last week. It was exciting, challenging and uplifting and I’m really glad I had the chance to teach it. However, I definitely still prefer the Cambridge exams.

I haven’t been reading many articles, certainly not as many as I was between April and June, but I plan on working on that in August when I have some extra hours in my day.

I have lost two students due to them taking / passing their exams, and another student has just disappeared. It’s weird. As a classroom teacher for a company this is completely normal, yet as an independent teacher it feels so personal.

  • Work consistently (and if possible, full time)

YES! Although I took a week off, and unfortunately had 2 half days off due to my wonderful body throwing me into a tonne of pain, I’ve worked a lot.

I enjoy working and I’m beyond happy that I’m not in the situation I was last year. I have been working long hours, split ‘shifts’ and very random times. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it (okay, almost) and my new focus is on trying to create a block of hours every day for teaching, rather than 9-10, 1-2 and 5-8.

It would be nice to have my evenings off to relax and wind down.

I’d also love to hear from any other teachers who work from home or teach as a freelancer and work odd hours. I’d really like to know how you spend your day and manage your classes. Thanks!

  • Health

Do we have to talk about this? Honestly, I’ve been a complete pig. I’ve barely exercised and I’ve stuffed my face constantly. I had to go and buy a new pair of shorts and jeans because I cannot fit in anything and I actually look pregnant.

Unfortunately, I’ve been really stressed out and my mental health hasn’t been as great as it has been during lockdown. I think I have spent so many months forcing myself to stay positive, even when I have been stressed and now my mind is just a little bit overwhelmed. However, things could still be a lot worse and I’m grateful that they’re not.

  • Reading

Not a single page was read in July and I’m embarrassed. *Runs off to grab a book* I’m really going to try and read at least two books in August, and even that seems like a stretch right now!

  • Make new friends

Despite being in lockdown, this has definitely happened! I decided to go back onto my plant Instagram and I have connected with the most amazing people. I definitely have three new friends, who I’ve met in person already. And there are many more people who I speak to regularly. So, thank you plants and thank you Instagram!

  • Be calmer

Well, yes and no. I am able to sleep at night, I’m able to enjoy my breakfast without listening to people scream and shout and I have a lovely, bright flat that Jonas and I have made look so, so lovely.

But, Manchester is in ‘lockdown’ again and I can’t go to Wales. So I’m feeling a little stressed, and annoyed, about that. Still, it could be worse, couldn’t it? I’m just very excited to have our new flat with our own private balcony. We can open the windows, actually see the skyline and it doesn’t feel as though we live in a prison cell anymore!

I have fewer students, but a really random timetable so it means I spend most of my day indoors. I’m hoping to change this up a bit next week so I have a more 9-5 schedule and am able to get out in the evenings.

  • Save some money

Ha! I’m laughing, but embarrassed. I’ve spent too much money in the last few weeks but the good news is that my parents did not have to loan us any money for our new furniture, and that really does feel good!

I have managed to pay off a bit more of my loan, and save a bit for our trip to Canada next summer and I also have a few ideas in the pipeline.

  • Enjoy being me

I think I’d doing alright. I’m not happy with the weight I’ve put on, but I am going to be far stricter about this in August. I’m happy with the work I’ve been doing and I’m enjoying our home, my plants (blog post coming soon…) and being able to see my family too. Life is never perfect, but things are quite good at the moment.

Plus, it was really great to watch West Ham stay up for yet another season!! Thank god!

So, what’s August got in store for me?

  • Less teaching hours for the first time since January
  • More reading and writing, I hope
  • Trying to find some more work, but also budgeting carefully so I can enjoy some time off until I do.
  • Selling some plants and enjoying the ones I already have

Do you have any goals for August?

I’d love to hear about your goals so feel free to drop me a comment below or reach out to me on Twitter!

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