4 useful ways to improve your English

Hey! Thanks for joining me. I’m going to finish this week with a post on some interesting ways to improve your English.

Let me know if you are going to try any or if you already do them! 

  • Listen. Something I always share with my students is BBC 6 minute English. Although it is aimed at B1 level, A2 and B2 learners will be able to use it to practise their listening and learn some new vocabulary!

    The topics are useful and relevant, such as food, health, sports and many others!


  • Read or watch the news in English – this will help you learn lots of new vocabulary for different sectors, such as health, business and education. It will, of course, help you stay updated with the news and give you something to talk about with your friends and native speakers.

    If you are worried about your English you could try this website, News in Levels, because it has different levels of English texts. You can choose elementary, intermediate and advanced levels of text.

  • Learn the other forms of new words so you improve your vocabulary, and use the correct words for different situations!. For example:

happy (adjective), happiness (noun), happier (comparative adjective), happily (adverb)

This site is a good place to begin…

  • Blog! Blogging can really help you to improve your general English and vocabulary and it will give you the chance to talk about something you like!

    If you are nervous about writing in English, why don’t you write 70% in your first language, and 30% in English. When you feel more confident you could try 50/50, and then one day – all in English!
    WordPress, Wix and Blogger are good websites for blogging.

This week I have shared 2 other posts with tips on how to improve your English, and today is the final post (for now!)

I hope you find these ideas helpful and use one or two of them in your English language journey. If you do – please tell me! I would like to know how you are learning English.

My twitter is MissHillsmith or my Facebook is English with Claire

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