4 interesting ways to improve your English

In my previous post, I wrote about some fun ways to learn English! But this time I’m going to give you some ideas for interesting ways to learn English.

By this, I mean that you may need to do a little extra work than just watching a TV show, but these ways will definitely help you improve your understanding, your vocabulary and show you some different styles of English.

READ something

Even if you don’t enjoy reading, you might find it difficult to improve your English if you don’t read in it. It will help you recognise grammar and sentence structures, introduce you to new words, phrases and different styles of English as well.

seriously believe that reading improves everything.

It improves our minds, knowledge, mood, and language skills, and also gives us a connection to other worlds and people.

You could read

  • A book (or a graded reader, which is a book set for your level of English, such as A2 or Upper Intermediate)
  • A children’s book – the language will be simpler and the story should still be enjoyable.
  • A magazine – they usually have shorter articles, so even if the language is new there will be less to read and more time to translate or look up any new words.

Keep a diary

Spend 5-10 minutes a day writing down your thoughts, in English. This should help you improve your general English, your vocabulary for hobbies, activities and feelings and help you to start thinking in English outside of the classroom.

When you look back each week, or each month, you should see how you’ve improved and it will be good motivation for you to keep studying hard!


Use social media in English

Change your social media language to English so you learn words typical communication words more easily (inbox, share, friend requests…), but mainly so you start to see English written in a more natural way. You will learn slang, colloquial language and also many other words or phrases you might not learn in the classroom.

If you join a Facebook group, or Twitter hashtag, you will be able to chat to more people in English, which will give you the chance to read, write or speak English every day (if you want to!). You might even make some new friends

Sing in English

Find a style of music you like and listen to English songs!

Print the lyrics, learn the vocabulary and enjoy singing! This is also really easy to do on YouTube, as many songs have ‘lyric videos’ – just like karaoke!

Once you’ve learned the words, translate any you’re not sure of… learn some collocations or write them in different sentences!

Would you use any of these ideas to learn English (or another language)? 

I’ll be posting another 4 tips on Saturday! x


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