4 fun ways to improve your English

Studying a foreign language is meant to be exciting, empowering and also a lot of fun. But it can be difficult!

This week I’ll be sharing a few tips on how to study and improve your English!

In fact, you could apply them to any language…

  • Watch movies or series in English (with English subtitles if that helps)
    • Watch movies set in the UK, America, or other English speaking countries to learn more about the culture and listen to more natural conversations.
  • Watch documentaries on topics you are interested in (football, hiking, wildlife) as this will also help to improve your vocabulary. Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube have many!
  • Watch YouTube videos in English (the subject doesn’t matter!)
    • Watch comedians, vloggers, animal videos, make up tutorials or yoga lessons…


Learning English through football
  • Enjoy your hobby in English

For example: cook using English recipes, read about plants (like me!), play football with people who speak English, learn how to talk about sewing, politics or karate in English (you could start by watching YouTube videos or translating some key words).

    • Talk to yourself in English as you’re doing your hobby.
      For example, if you’re cooking, say each step:

First, I’m going to boil the rice, and I’ll add some salt to the water…

Okay, now I’m going to chop the carrots and the onions…

Learning English through gardening

These are just a few simple ideas to help you get started and I will be posting some more tips this Thursday!

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