5 reasons why you need plants

As many of you will know, I have a fair few plants. (This time last year I had 257 of them!) And in all honesty, I think you might need one too! Here’s why…

  1. They brighten up your house (and garden) – all that greenery is just lovely!

  2. They teach you the value of patience – waiting for new shoots to come through or new leaves to unfurl can be a timely process but it really is rewarding, especially if you’ve grown them from little plants.

  3. You will make new friends both online and offline! There are thousands of plant Instagrams and plenty of Facebook groups for plants, gardening and more. You can meet local plant sellers or join a plant swap too. They’re a great conversation starter and create positive environments for people to socialise in.

  4. Looking after them gives you a sense of purpose! It sounds silly… but needing to water them, finding out how much light or humidity they need takes time and practice but it’s rewarding and can be very calming!

  5. They help to boost your creativity. In my opinion, looking at all my beautiful plants and their different colours, shapes and patterns makes me feel really energised and creative. I want to draw and paint them, I want to add plant pictures into my lessons, I want to talk about them, learn about them and SHOUT ABOUT THEM to anyone who will listen. 


So, do you have any plants? How many?

What’s your favourite thing about plants? I’d love to know!

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