Why is homework important?

Hello! Today I’m writing about why it’s important to do your homework.

We’ve all been students at one point (yes, really!) and I’m sure there have been many occasions where you forgot to do your homework, or you were too tired after swim club, or you just didn’t want to do it.

I understand. I had some of those moments too when I was a student, but luckily for me I actually enjoyed doing my homework – most of the time.

As a teacher, I’d like to tell you why doing your homework is important for your learning, especially when studying English, or any other languages.

  1. Revising new information
    Your teacher should give you homework that helps you revise what you learned that day, or that week. It might be a grammar worksheet, it might be a piece of writing. Whatever it is, do it to help your brain remember the new things you’ve learned.
  2. Improving your skills
    Your teacher will want you to improve your English. They’re not giving you homework to be mean, they’re doing it to help you. In the class your teacher is giving you the tools you need to learn English, at home is when you can practice, revise and improve even more.

    Your teacher cannot do the learning for you and this is when it’s important to do your homework, so that you can help yourself.

  3. Making your classes more useful
    Often your teachers will give you homework that is related to your next lesson. Such as important vocabulary or to read part of a text. If you don’t do this homework, you might find the lesson quite difficult, especially if you’re the only person who hasn’t done the homework.
  4. Preparing you for future study
    Maybe you’re still in high school, maybe you will change careers or study something new in the future, but homework is important at any age.  If you’re going to university, you will find that much of the learning is done by yourself. Homework can help you manage your time and your own studying.

    If you change careers, you will most likely have to learn new things (skills, knowledge, tricks) and many employers will expect you to do this in your free time, on your own. Homework will also help you prepare for that in the future as it well help you learn, and remember, study skills and highlight areas where you might need extra help.

  5. It will help your teacher to help you
    If you do your homework, or at least try, your teacher will be able to see if you have understood it correctly or if you need some more help. If your teacher can see your errors they will be able to find a way to help you (for example, giving you extra grammar worksheets, or talking you through the questions).

    If you don’t do your homework, but you tell your teacher everything is easy, they won’t always know exactly how to help you.

    We are smart, but we don’t know everything!

Students: Do you usually do your homework? Why or why not? Feel free to tell me in the comments.

Teachers: I’ve started a little thread over on Twitter about how we can encourage our students to complete their homework, if you’d like to get involved here.

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