How to succeed at learning English online

As schools close and lessons transition to the internet, I would like to share some advice for my students, and students around the world.

Firstly, remember that you are not alone. Teachers and students are all preparing for online classes and many of us do not know what to expect.

Secondly, do not panic!

  • Be patient

Everything will be new for teachers and students.

Do not be too frustrated if things go wrong. If your laptop stops working or the internet is slow, don’t worry. Just re-enter the classroom when you can.  Your teacher will understand.

If the teacher’s laptop or internet stops working, don’t leave the class. Wait for them to come back!

  • Be prepared for your lessons

When you go to school, you bring a bag of things you need for your day. Do this for your online lessons too. You should have:

  1. A laptop or phone – make sure it is charged up! (100% power)
  2. Paper / notebook notes
  3. A pen or pencil
  4. A highlighter for keywords or grammar
  5. Water, tea, coffee (whatever you want)
  6. Some snacks – when you are in class, you cannot leave to go to Costa, so you should not leave your online lesson to cook or go to the shops.
  • Ask questions

If you are not sure about anything (the course, the materials, the technology) ask your teacher. Do not be afraid to ask questions as we all need to learn together.

You can ask your teacher to speaker more slowly, or to include some games. Ask your friends if they enjoy the classes, ask your friends to help you with the technology.

  • Reduce your distractions

During the lesson, try to focus on your teacher and not anything else.

Don’t use Snapchat or Whatsapp (unless it’s an emergency), don’t go on Facebook and don’t check your emails.

Don’t watch TV or listen to music.

You can do these after class or during the break.

Try to behave as this is a normal class in the school building. This will help you focus more on the lesson and your teacher.

  • Be part of your class

Ask questions, answer questions and try to complete the work the teacher asks you to do. Even if your teacher cannot see everything you are doing, they will know if you are not focussed on the lesson. If you participate in the lesson this will make it more enjoyable for you, your classmates and your teacher.

  • Be positive

This is a strange time for everyone and online lessons are new for many people. Try to be positive about the situation.

Support your classmates and your teacher and do not let small things upset you.

Enjoy using technology even more than before to help with your learning.

I hope these tips will be useful for you and if you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment or connect with me on Twitter!

Good luck to you all on this new adventure of online teaching and learning! x


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