February 2020: A Round Up

Because January felt like it was 6 months long, February only felt like 6 days! I can’t believe it’s over already.

It’s been a rocky four weeks – full of ups and downs – but now it’s come to an end I’m feeling far more positive about March. I’m definitely a more positive person this year, but that doesn’t mean I’m calmer – haha.

Key events in February

  • Left a horrible job (how on Earth has the British Council accredited them?!)
  • Started two jobs, one part time and one temporarily. Both of them are amazing.
  • Had my first teaching observation since June 2018.

So, how have I been getting on with my new year’s resolutions?


I have continued teaching IELTS lessons and have been working on my grammar knowledge and teaching techniques.

I had my first formal observation since June 2018 and I received extremely positive feedback from the ADoS (positive rapport, good pacing, useful CCQs and introductory tasks…).

I work for a wonderful independent school, with two super bosses. I love the set up, the students and the materials.

I also have a 2-week contract at a school I’ve wanted to work at for ages! Things were so positive last week and I’m hoping for the same thing next week.

I’ve signed up to three different tutoring websites, posted my details on gumtree and Facebook and also have gained one private student (so far…).

Things are going well!


I’ve attended two language exchanges and have continued studying Chinese almost every day. I’ve made two new Chinese friends, but haven’t found the time to meet up with them – yet!

I learned that ‘bap’ in Arabic means door.


I’ve actually been a lot more focused on my home workouts than I was in January, but my eating habits were still quite poor until last week. I ate a lot of crisps, chocolate and cakes, which often made me feel and look unwell.

However, last week I stopped with the junk food and so far so good. Let’s hope I don’t relapse any time soon.

I’m wearing more makeup and finally treated myself to some contact lenses. I’m feeling a lot more confident and less like the sick-Claire of 2019.

But I’ve suddenly started getting really greasy hair after even a day of washing it. How? Why? I’m struggling so badly with it!


I’ve read 7.5 books this month, which I’m really pleased with. I started 5 but none of them really caught my attention so I abandoned them. I’ve just started Silver Sparrow and I’m really enjoying it. And I’ve just discovered H.G.Wells (yes, I know. An English teacher who’s never heard of him.)

Make new friends

I think I’ve made at least two friends, but I’ve met a lot of new people this month and if I can find time to actually meet up with them then maybe I’ll have another friend or two!


This month I’ve blogged 4 times, 2 more than my target, but the biggest news is that I hit my most daily views ever on the 28th. I’ve managed to attract 594 individual viewers this month with my ‘The Trouble with TEFL’ post and I’m over the moon!


I’ve gained 79 new followers this month and found so many new blogs through some of them. I’ve shared ideas and received some fantastic advice.

My goal is to reach 3,000 followers by December.

Be calmer

Definitely not! Everything has been sending me round the bloody bend this month. From awful employers to having no money, noisy neighbours to overcrowded buses. I have so much to work on in March to keep my head cool.

So, what’s March got in store for me?

  • My parents are visiting us tomorrow!
  • More teaching roles, new students
  • Being healthier – physically and mentally
  • Interviews for my PGCE application
  • More Chinese studying!
  • Hopefully more money.

What have you got planned for March? Feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me on Twitter!

Ps. We’re finishing up February with a massive pizza 🍕 Hence the blog photo!

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