New year, new home (2)

Moving house is never that simple and, if you’re like me and haven’t properly moved house without your parents / friends’ help before, you may find this post useful!

And the previous one New year, new home (1)

Once we’d put down our deposit, our landlord was on holiday for a few days, and it was Christmas week, so we were really fortunate to be able to enjoy the holidays without worrying about house hunting or trying to organise bills and other things we knew would need dealing with. We made a list of things we would have to do, wanted to do and should try and do before we moved house, then put it aside.

But once New Year’s Eve was out of the way, the nerves started to creep in a little! The lists came out and we’ve been trying to tick off as much as possible so that we’re not in a big, last minute panic come the night before the move.

  • Cancel council tax
  • Manchester council tax set up
  • Change address on electricity account
  • Text new landlord for setting up details
  • Look for bed, wardrobes, etc
  • Buy new mattress
  • Sign contract
  • Write a list of what is ours
  • Sell things we don’t need
  • Look for jobs
  • Contact the insurance company
  • Find and choose a removal company
  • Get packing boxes

The biggest challenges so far have been finding a removal company and getting boxes without paying a fortune for them.

Before Christmas, when I started looking, many ‘man and van’ companies were quoting me between £100 and £150 for a trip to Manchester, but when we came back and started looking again, we were quoted all sorts between £260 and £1,020 (Yes, really!)

This went on for a week, until we eventually managed to get a quote for £225 from a company with very promising reviews on their Facebook page. Once we booked in we started feeling far more relaxed about it all. We’re also moving on a Friday so we have the whole weekend to unpack, not just a Sunday.

My mum told me to go into Boots and ask them for any leftover boxes they have, as she did when she moved, and thankfully one of the ladies who works there said to come in every few days and ask for them. She’s given me loads!

But, when we ran out, no where else seemed to have any. We went into every shop on the high street and I even sent messages to some of the pubs on Facebook. Every single place said no. It was so frustrating. We’ve picked up a few from next to the bins outside (good condition, not soggy and full of dirt!) and Ginger cafe gave me a couple – good excuse to have a coffee break!

The funniest thing was I swapped a little plant for 3 huge boxes with a lady who lives up the road. What a great deal!

On Thursday, Jonas and I took the train up to Manchester to sign our contract and receive the keys to our new flat! We’ve both been so excited about it and finally having the keys made it real, at last. We both had interviews that evening, before having dinner at Bar Burrito (possibly my new favourite chain restaurant…), but I don’t think mine went very well.

My mum came over from Wales, whilst Jonas had to go back to work (boooo!), and helped me clean and get a few things ready for the flat.

We found a sofa for £60, including delivery, and we also found a microwave for £25!

And although it was weird to not have Jonas there with me, I had a super day out in Manchester with my mum having coffee, exploring all the streets and shops. And once again she has been a huge help.

Do you have any top tips or advice for moving house?

Is there one thing you love, or hate, about moving?

I’d say that the most frustrating thing about moving is that things keep popping up, costing more money than expected. Always over-budget when moving! This has definitely been my biggest error.

But I’ve enjoyed the clearing out of old clothes, things that I’ve kept hold of for far too long and throwing out things that are broken or useless.

We are now only four days away from our official move to Manchester. Jonas has plans to see friends before he leaves plus he still has work, and I’ll just be packing up and trying to sell things we no longer need.

We are so ready for our new adventure!


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