2020: My resolutions for a new decade

I used to have a list as long as my arm when it came to resolutions, but I rarely stuck to them. So in the last 3 years I have kept the list to 4 or 5 resolutions and have mostly been proud of what I’ve achieved.

2019 , 2018 & 2018

But this year, I want to achieve more.

This is my long list of goals I’d like to achieve this year, along with sub-goals and ideas on how to achieve each of them:

  • Be a better teacher
    I want to work on improving my knowledge and teaching of grammar and phonetics.I want to develop my understanding of the IELTS exams and feel confident in running preparation classes.

    Decide on my next step – will that be a DELTA or re-start the PGCE?

    must read more academic research and attend talks, seminars or workshops to help develop my teaching skills.

    I’d also like to volunteer teach over the summer (I have sooooooo many places in mind!)

  • Visit one new country
    I’m hoping to have one or two weekend holidays this year, but I’m aiming for a longer holiday in the summer and I’d love to visit somewhere new. Especially as visiting three new countries in January 2019 was absolutely amazing! (Blog post here)

  • Continue being healthy
    Despite how drastically my health affected me in 2019, I made some huge changes to my diet and my exercise routines. I’m really proud of myself and 2020 isn’t a new year, new me – but new year, keep doing what you’re doing me.My plan is to exercise four times per week, completely remove dairy, eat less sugar and less gluten (although I am bringing normal bread back into my diet because GF bread contains egg! No wonder I’ve been ill!)

    I am convinced that being on the pill made things a lot worse for me, and on my birthday I stopped taking it. In the last 3 weeks I have felt like a completely new person. My goal is to use as little medicine as possible this year, and manage any cold, period pains, etc with natural options – although I still need to experiment and find out what’s safe, will / won’t work.)

    I also want to get braces, as my bottom set of teeth are completely wonky and I hate looking in the mirror at the moment. It’s superficial, but it really bothers me.

  • Work on my languages
    This year, especially as I’ll be living in Manchester, I am determined to study Chinese again, take my HSK level 4 and attend a Chinese lesson or tandem at least once a month.I would also like to try and learn basic Arabic, as I have always wanted to (I think I was about 10 when I discovered the language) but never have. AND most of my students are Arabic speakers, so I think it would be a huge help.I would still love to improve my German, Spanish and learn Japanese but I guess I can’t do everything. Maybe I’ll aim for Japanese next year – haha!

  • Join a club
    I have no doubt that there will be endless things to do in Manchester and I want to get as involved as possible. I want to join a language exchange, an expats group, possibly yoga, the Endometriosis group and hopefully I’ll be able to find a plant-lovers group too.

  • Make new friends
    This ties in to the point above because due to my poor health and lack of work last year, I felt very isolated and alone once I came back to the UK.When I was in Poland I had three separate groups of friends that were all fun, interesting and always up for doing something. I loved going to pub quizzes, watching football or just going out for a meal.I’m over-thinking this point, I think, because I’ll be turning 30th at the end of the year and  I want to be able to celebrate with family and friends, go out for a big meal or a night out. We’ll see.

  • Work consistently (and if possible, full time)
    I want to be healthy enough to work full time, so I can finally have some money to enjoy life and not live penny by penny because I’ve only worked for a week.

  • Reach 7,000 blog views
    I’m aiming to blog twice a month: on my teaching, my language learning and also how I’m getting on with my resolutions. I really hope that I’ll also be able to blog about some travelling and other adventures.

  • Reach 3,000 Twitter followers
    I started a teaching Twitter in June last year and was absolutely amazed that in 6 months I’d gained 1,600 followers. I connected with some interesting, inspiring and intelligent people that I may not have found through my personal account.I want to continue meeting new people online, sharing teaching experiences and ideas and be inspired by others!

  • Calm down
    I am so easily stressed out these days, by noise, lights and even temperature. It sounds completely over-dramatic and silly but I’m convinced that 3 years (2013 – 2016) on anti-depressants has caused complete havoc within my body in so many ways.I think yoga might help, learn new breathing techniques (some of you may laugh, but many have helped me a lot) and also positive self talk. I also enjoy writing, drawing and colouring when I feel stressed, but absolutely can’t read a book if I’m feeling down.

  • Read 40 books

  • Stop buying things I really don’t need
    I’m a sucker for anything in the sale, buying one top in 3 colours because it fits nicely or constantly going out for treats.I’ll try and stop spending money on 1438748932 plants, unhealthy foods and stationery I don’t need, and I’d also like to try and only buy clothes from charity shops.

  • Save some money

  • Pay off as much debt as possible

  • Enjoy being me
    This last one is a tricky one as I’m usually such a grump and I definitely did not enjoy being me in 2019. I hated my body, I hated the student flats I bounced around and I hated not being able to be ‘normal’.I hope I can at least try and turn it around this year.

That is a huge list of things to achieve and I hope I manage them all, but if I had to pick a top 4 I’d go with:

  • Enjoy being me
  • Continue being healthy
  • Be a better teacher
  • Make new friends

Do you have any resolutions you’ve made for 2020?

How do you think I’ll get on with mine?

I’d love to hear about your resolutions x

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