Looking back on 2019

As it’s the final day of 2019 I wanted to take a while to reflect and embrace what a year it has been!

Honestly, there have been many times this year when I’ve said to myself:

“This is the worst year ever” or “Everything is rubbish.”

and both of those statements have been ridiculous every time I’ve said them.

2019 has been difficult for me in terms of my health.
I haven’t been able to work full time, I had to drop out of university and I’ve spent many days and weeks at a time in pain.

However, in 2019 I was able to visit three new countries (for me, obviously) and go back to Poland after 10 years.

I had the opportunity to teach CAE and FCE Cambridge exam classes and also teach in a primary school – all of which was extremely demanding, challenging and even exciting.

I have worked at an amazing school in Manchester. A place where I feel truly lucky to work, and I’ve been surrounded by some of the most interesting and intelligent people I’ve ever met.

I have finally left student accommodation, although I’ve spent many weeks at my parent’s home in Wales, and moved into a weird house with Jonas. We have been lucky to have our own place, and in 2020 we are moving into a flat in Manchester.

I have learned even more about myself, my strengths and weaknesses and what I want for myself in the future.

Resolutions I made for 2019

1. Work on my health
2. Improve my teaching skills
3. Grow up
4. Travel
5. Speak up
6. Read 65 books!

So how did I do?

1. I tried to work on my health, but unfortunately my health spent more time overcoming me, than I did to it. However, I have exercised more this year than I have in about 10 years. I stopped eating gluten, dairy and sugar and drinking alcohol for at least 6 months, and even though I do have my ‘off’ days, I still do quite well.

I also tried yoga! (After 5 years of saying I would…)

2. I have definitely improved my teaching experience, but I don’t know if I’d say I’ve improved on my teaching skills. I have definitely tried, but I feel as if my health got in the way of me teaching a wide range of levels this year.

3. Grow up? I’m not sure. I moved out of my parents’ and haven’t gone back. So I’d say that’s a bonus.

4. Travel was a big part of my January – March and I loved every trip I took. Every new cafe, restaurant, library or town square that I stumbled upon!

5. Speaking / standing up for myself is definitely something I have worked on and become more confident in over the year. I no longer do ‘everything’ to please others and I prioritise my health and my positive friendships over things that have a negative effect on me.

6. Unfortunately I’ve read far less this year than in the previous two years. I have only read 33 books and there were so many I planned to read!

2019 favourites

Song: One More Night – Phil Collins and Saturday Nights – Khaled

Movie: Nativity!

City: Bratislava

Book: The Runaway – Hollie Overton and A Monster Calls – Patrick Ness (Yes, I balled my eyes out)

Moments: Travelling around Eastern Europe on FlixBus, karaoke night (my first, ever!) with Charlotte and Assem, going back to Bournemouth, Hollie Overton gifting me a signed copy of her latest book (I nearly fell down the stairs running to meet the postman – haha!) moving house with Jonas, meeting Helene again, working in Manchester and Christmas with my family in Wales.

New purchase: My £10 charity shop desk

Colour: Pink, and yellow (yes, I never thought I’d say either of those!)

Project: Starting my endometriosis instagram page, through which I have met so many lovely ladies. AND my teaching Twitter – I’ve loved it!

Shops: Gaard coffee house, Of the Wild florist and Lente restaurant

Blog posts:

Exploring Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna

Teacher Resolutions for 2019/20

Christmas presents for those with chronic illnesses.

So, what were your favourite parts of 2019? Did you keep any resolutions?

Happy New Year everyone.
I hope 2020 is an amazing year for you all.

And thank you to everyone who has followed my blog and supported me through 2019.



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