Returning to Work

I’m back! After 7 long weeks of being bed-bound, in agony, in A and E, having to drop out of University* and being stuck at home all due to a Mirena Coil, I finally have something to blog about.

*(they wouldn’t make any exceptions for me being unwell, and I had to either continue as full-time or drop out. I made 4 different suggestions and they were all rejected!)

I decided that instead of feeling sorry for myself over the Uni, I’d get back to work ASAP.

Jonas and I originally considered moving to Manchester, then it was Leeds, and after a brief discussion last night it looks like we may reconsider moving to Manchester becauseeeeee… I am back working for MC Academy (previously MCSE)!

Initially I’d asked my boss if I could go back and work for them in January, if I moved to Manchester, and she said she could find me some hours and to stay in touch. I offered to do any hours until Christmas if they needed someone and, guess what? They did!

So on Monday I went back to Manchester on the 6:18 train, armed with highlighters, pens, introductory games and a powerpoint full of superlatives and bitmojis.

Yellow floral dress work outfit

This week I taught Elementary students (a class of 7-10 Saudi Arabian males) superlatives, be going to + verb and vocabulary for places, travel and writing formal letters.

There were a few students I only saw once in the week, but a few of them came every day, worked as hard as possible and gave their best efforts during the test on Friday.

For the second and third classes of the week I was on cover, but I was lucky enough to have the same Pre-Intermediate class all week and they were absolutely wonderful – inquisitive, funny and so polite. They were so keen to learn English phrases, synonyms and different pronunciations.

On Wednesday and Thursday I covered an IELTS class at short notice, but my colleague prepared the materials and I just supervised. Unfortunately, IELTS is the one exam I know the least about but the one I really want to become more knowledgable in – maybe one day!

Despite the four hour daily commute, it has been amazing to be back at such a wonderful school. The management team are amazing and it’s great to be working alongside old colleagues and also some lovely new ones.

The one thing I love about MC Academy is that everyone is inspiring – they speak different languages, have a variety of degrees, have travelled all over the world and are the nicest people.

When I was back in Poland, I wrote a blog post about Taking Care of Your Employees and I stand by my words. If you mistreat your employees in any way, they will not remain loyal or work to their best abilities. Wouldn’t you agree?

I can honestly say I’ve never felt so supported and respected in a job role before. It was 9 months ago (yesterday) that I first interviewed for the job at MC Academy and it’s been a huge game changer for me in terms of furthering my career and working with such supportive people. There’s no negativity, and no one in management demands that you do X, Y and Z.

I’m going back next week (6:18 train to Manchester) for a week of cover work in the mornings, one Beginners class and one Pre-Intermediate listening class in the afternoons.

I’m worried about teaching complete Beginners because I haven’t taught them before. Any tips? Send them my way please.

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