PGCE Placement Week 2

Hello everyone! Can you believe that Wednesday is nearly over?
I was really hoping to have the post done and dusted last Saturday but, life.

I’ve been off social media for nearly 3 weeks now and it has definitely helped me reduce time I waste on my phone and is a lot less stressful as well. I’ve deleted the apps from my phone and only occasionally check in with what’s going on if I need to ask a question or check in with the Uni groups.

Is anyone else slightly less interested in social media these days?


Unfortunately, I spent the day in bed, in pain, recovering from the doctor’s on the previous Saturday. I did manage to finish Jekyll and Hyde though, which is such a fantastic book. I haven’t read it since I was 12 and I’d forgotten how much I adored it.


I went back to work, despite feeling unwell. I stocked up with medicine and took my hot water bottle with me, which earned me an awful lot of odd looks throughout the day. The classes were fine and I really enjoyed working with the year 8s again. They all got involved with the lesson and produced some lovely work, and more of them are beginning to come to me with questions now as well.

I also had my weekly mentor meeting where I had the chance to talk about my concerns and also the positive things I’d seen so far at the school. My mentor is so understanding and really supportive, plus everyone around the school has nothing but praise for her so I’m really, really lucky.


Another tough day but it was broken up by a second and fourth period lesson, and in between I worked on my assignment and wrote out some reflections.

I’ve been so impressed by the year 9 class I observe because although they show very little emotion, they are so inquisitive and not afraid to participate. I haven’t heard many ‘wrong’ answers but it doesn’t seem like anyone’s afraid to be wrong either. It’s a fantastic atmosphere and I love An Inspector Calls too.

Just before lunch is the year 7 class, who are extremely hyper at this time and not at all the same at 8.30 in the morning. They are so full of character in numerous ways. They’re funny, cheeky, smart, curious and they seem like they really enjoy their lessons. Most of them are really keen to help their teachers and their classmates – it’s really wonderful to watch.

I was able to help quite a bit during their Descriptive Writing lesson and I loved it. It made me feel as if I was really on the right track!


I have enjoyed my Thursdays so far because they start with Year 8s followed by Year 7s and these two classes are both so enthusiastic and interesting to be a part of. I had never Wilfred Owen’s poetry until last week and I’ve enjoyed helping the Year 8s discover why he wrote and how to analyse his works.

The year 7s were doing some feedback and improvements on their work relating to The Man With The Yellow Face by Anthony Horowitz, which has also been interesting. I have completely enjoyed watching these children understand their work, realising why they received certain marks and comments, and then building on their feedback to make improvements. That moment of ‘I get it!’ in children is really something special.


Despite feeling like death was taking over, I dragged myself to Uni for a fantastic session with our course leader where he provided us with a ‘Teacher’s Toolkit’ for analysing any piece of text. There was roleplay, anagrams and lots of useful things to come away with.

Just one little example is the ‘8 reasons for language’ which are as follows:

To communicate facts and opinions
To express emotion
Social interaction
Enjoyment of sound
Recording of facts
To create reality
Instrument of thought
To create identity

and I absolutely love it!

On Friday afternoon I was back at the hospital and since Saturday afternoon I have been in bed, surrounded by cushions and hot water bottles. I have been in so much pain and haven’t felt this way for years. The worst part is that my mum, who has been there through it all, isn’t here. The only positive thing is that my boyfriend has been superman and has, finally, become domesticated! He’s been cooking, cleaning, washing up, and taking care of me every minute that he can.

Unfortunately, there won’t be a week 3 update because I’ve been so unwell.

I’ll be having a meeting on Friday with my course leader to talk about my health and what to do next… I guess you can stay tuned for that update if you like!

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