My second week as a PGCE student

Week two of being a PGCE student is almost at an end, as I sit here half reflecting, half watching another brilliant game of football. Dinner’s in the oven and lunch for tomorrow has been boxed up.

I’m ready for my first day at my placement school tomorrow.

I wonder though, how long will I have the stamina to keep making myself lunches every day? So far, I’m 19 days in.

19 days dairy free and 16 days gluten free, with 4 slip-ups in the middle because I was just desperate for a biscuit. On a final food note, gluten free bread really does taste like cardboard. Any suggestions? Send them my way!

The past week has been somewhat frustrating because I’ve felt like every lecture I’ve been in has been disrupted by people continuously talking.

How will they feel when their students never stop talking? Never listen to them?

I thoroughly enjoyed my Professional Studies group and I hope that I have made a good group of friends in them. It certainly seems so. We’re all teaching different subjects and have all done different things so far in life. We have a range of opinions and are able to hold interesting discussions as a group. These are exactly the type of people I wanted to meet at university!

On Wednesday we had an amazing lady called Ramona come to SHU and hold an hours lecture on EAL in general, and in the classroom. She had so much passion that I could have listened to her for hours. She was funny, lively and extremely inspiring! I’m envious of the colleagues she works with and I’m sure the students love her!

I hope I have the opportunity to teach some EAL students, but if I don’t then I’ll have a few days in a different school next year to gain some experience.

Thursday was an interesting morning because we had a Micro-teaching session at a local secondary school.

We each taught 3 or 4 year 8s (mixed abilities, some EAL, some SEND) a short lesson on poetry. We were given the poem Stop All The Clocks – which I’d never even heard of before! And I really enjoyed annotating and analysing it.

I had the students create a mind map on poetry, so I could find out how much they already knew and then I gave them the poem with some words removed and asked them to fill the gap with their own ideas.

Then we read through and discussed the poem together, and the students gave their opinions on what they liked and what they would change about the poem.

I really enjoyed the session but felt that I could have been far more creative with the students to make it more interesting for them.

They were engaged and offered some fantastic ideas, but I didn’t feel that they particularly enjoyed themselves.

On Friday it was our ‘Intro to assessment’ day which was really helpful, especially as I’d been thinking about it for a while and already had an idea to discuss with our course leader. He was able to give me a few pointers and I now feel a lot more confident about getting on with the work.

I borrowed 17 books from the library and spent much of the evening going through them, finding ideas and quotes to discuss in my essay. Roll on academic assignments again!

Friday was great all around because it was lovely and warm, the climate change strike was really inspiring and Jonas and I finally went to Street Food Chef and IT WAS SO AMAZING! Especially as I absolutely love Mexican food anyway.

If you’re in Sheffield, you have to check it out!

Then in the evening we made vegan, gluten free pizzas and watched the Bournemouth match.

Saturday was another beautiful day. I walked up the hills to watch the sunrise – the colours were so intense! And Jonas and I walked around the park and botanical gardens.

Proudly, I didn’t buy anything at the local plant sale! And we sat in the pub garden watching football for a while.

I am ready for my placement tomorrow and I am very excited, but I’m also terrified.

I’m really worried that I’ll get 3 weeks in and feel like I’ve made a huge mistake. I don’t know why I think this, because after 2 weeks of teaching EFL I knew teaching was the career for me.

I’ll keep you all updated once my first week is over and done with!

Thank you everyone for your support over the last few weeks, I really appreciate it!

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