Teacher Resolutions for 2019/20

I read a quote somewhere last week that said teachers are lucky because they get two New Years, and two sets of resolutions. I love that!

So I started thinking about creating some ‘Teacher’ resolutions as I begin my PGCE this week.

Mrs_r_teaches91 has created a brilliant post about it on Instagram, so if you’d like to share your resolutions too, give her a follow! She’s also a TES contributor, Paperchase Ambassador and more (Linktree)


Over the last two years, as an EFL teacher, I haven’t made a long list of goals.

I kept to two simple resolutions and decided that it was up to me to decide how to achieve them:

  1. Gain a wide variety of experience
  2. Become a better teacher

And I did.

But as I start this new journey to become a secondary school teacher, I know I am about to face a hundred new challenges that I’ll need to prepare myself for and overcome as best as I can.

So, my teacher resolutions for 2019/20 are:

  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise, self-care)
  2. Make friends in and out of school
  3. Ask questions and speak to as many teachers as possible
  4. Write at least one ‘teacher’ blog per month
  5. Have one weekend-day free from work
  6. Do not take criticism to heart (You can and will learn from it)
  7. Secure an NQT job before summer 2020
  8. Watch more Ted talks / YouTube / Instagram videos
    (I am absolutely shocking at watching things. I rarely watch tv, movies, etc and I know I’m missing out on so much by not engaging with other people this way.)

Do you write teacher resolutions? Are you going to now?

If so, please feel free to share them in the comments or over on Mrs R’s instagram post.

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