Taking Care of Your Employees

Over the past three weeks I’ve witnessed, overheard and mainly been on the receiving end of harassment, accusations, micro-management and, in some ways, bullying.

I’ve lost 5/6 kgs in just a few weeks. I’m not eating or sleeping properly and I’m constantly throwing up.

I get text messages at 1am, I get emails on my sick days asking for results / reports / letters, I’ve been receiving 2-5 emails PER DAY for the last 2 and a half weeks.

My paper and online registers are being checked and even the slightest difference is being questioned (here you wrote Q1 and 2 but here you only wrote Q1 – why did you do that?) etc.

I still haven’t received my private health insurance, which is stated in my contract. I had back and forth emails for 9 days about this and in the end I gave up. It’s clear they haven’t signed me up for the insurance.

And now I’m being told that any absences will result in a fine of £35, regardless of the reason. I received this email on the day I was off sick.

I’m both sick because of it, and sick of it.

So, I’m going to leave this link here for today

Taking Care of Your Employees by Bekah Regan

In which she states the following:

What happens when you don’t take care of something? It gets dusty. It develops an odor. It rusts. It rots. It dies. For example, a new car: it sure looks awesome driving off the lot, but it doesn’t stay that way. You have to wash it, change its oil, and bring it in for maintenance to keep it running smoothly. You may also need to clear out the garage so there’s room for your new ride or pack differently for vacation.

Whether we’re talking shiny new cars, factory-sealed refrigerators, or flourishing plant life, all require care and attention after the initial purchase.

It’s no different with new hires in your organization, both young and seasoned professionals alike.

Employers, it’s very simple:

Treat your employees with respect and they should respect you.

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