Warsaw Coffee Festival – 5th Edition

Last weekend I met up with a lovely new friend and ventured over to the Palace of Culture and Science to stop by at the Warsaw Coffee Festival. This year was their 5th annual event and it’s only getting bigger! It’s also the biggest coffee festival in Poland and it didn’t disappoint – people from all over the country, and even Europe, were there.

They held exhibitions, talks about coffee culture, a chill-out zone for families, there were sellers, traders, coffee drinkers and curious people throughout the building and it was a fantastic atmosphere.

It was busy, but not to the point that it was uncomfortable. There was plenty of room for people to walk around, talk to baristas, taste samples of flat whites, espressos, vegan treats and so much more!

As I’m drastically trying to cut down on coffee I only had two, but I managed to take a few small samples of various pour overs and filter coffees. My favourite came from The Barn (of course).

We picked up stickers, postcards and wristbands from various companies – what will we do with them? Who knows! But who doesn’t love a freebie?

Warsaw coffee festival
Warsaw Coffee Festival

I didn’t buy anything because I knew I’d never stop once I started.

There were at least four coffees I wanted to buy, a keep cup and a special edition V60 .

I’m proud of myself for resisting.

I have heard about a lot of independent coffee shops in Warsaw and this weekend I was able to find a couple of them…

On Saturday afternoon, battling a massive hangover, I met a colleague downtown for coffee at Etno Cafe. It was lovely and spacious, bright, relaxing and had a lot of different seating options. Bar stools at the window, comfy sofas and normal chairs and tables so it didn’t matter if you were alone, studying or just relaxing – there were plenty of options!

A black Americano was 10zl and the price increased depending on the size of coffee.

They served cakes, salads, bagels and a few other things.

I had a batch brew and it was lovely – rich, fruity and powerful!

Etno cafe Warsaw

Sunday morning I was woken up far too many times to count, so I gave up and blasted out Phil Collins Live in Paris as loud as my phone would let me, danced around a bit, did some squats and then got my sh*t together and went on a cafe hunt!

About 25 minutes away from the apartment, on Elektoralna 11, I found cafe Forum.

It had two rooms and there were plenty of tables for 2s or 4s and the place was full of families, couples and solo coffee drinkers like myself #singleAF

There’s a small menu, in Polish and English, and a selection of sweet treats at the counter between 6 and 15zl. Of course there are a range of coffees and brewing methods available – I went for a Kenyan pour over at 15zl.

It was a little bitter for me but it was worth a try!

The staff were absolutely lovely, spoke really good English and you could just tell they knew, and loved, what they were doing.

Where are your favourite cafes?

Are there any you make a special effort to go to?

Mine would be Sheffield’s Steam Yard.
I go out of my way to visit whenever I can.

Steam yard coffee Sheffield

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