Teaching in Warsaw [3]

Why hellooo there! Thanks for stopping by.

21 days in Warsaw and so far, I’m quite taken with it! I love the architecture.

I’ve found a few bars, some book shops and two lovely coffee shops. My google maps is dotted with places to visit on my days off, I’ve made some lovely friends and even won a pub quiz (definitely not on my own though).

On the other hand, I have been extremely busy with work – planning, scanning, creating, etc – and the past week I had two days off in bed because I’ve got the winter cold that WILL NOT SHIFT OFF. So unfortunately I ended up cancelling loads of plans.

On Monday, I taught my first ever CAE class and it was an absolute disaster. The good news is the student seems to be very nice and things can only get better!

Thursday was positive with the first three classes but the FCE was a bit of a shambles and that makes me feel really guilty.

Thankfully everything went well on Friday, which is 4 classes of 5-9 year olds, except for a mother asking me why I didn’t give her daughter any homework and she was gobsmacked that her child misbehaves in class.

Aaaah… all mothers think their children can do no wrong.

I have really enjoyed teaching most of the children over the past three weeks as they can be so sweet, funny and charming. It’s also interesting to see how far they try and push the boundaries. I remember it oh so well.

I love how some of them only want to listen to music and others hate it. I love seeing their faces when they realised they’ve remembered a new word of they can put a full sentence together. I love seeing them write their names on work to take home to their parents. Even a drawing of a healthy lunchbox had them so excited.

I will miss their innocence, but not the temper tantrums and the misbehaving.

However, those classes have come to an end as I will be teaching adults and exam students after the ‘winter break’. With the exception of one reception class, and two year six classes on a Friday. 3pm finish – paaaaaarty!

So now, for the big jump ahead into the world of FCE and CAE – I never thought I’d be given this opportunity so quickly. I’m nervous, without a doubt, but totally ready for this challenge!

If anyone has any constructive advice, please feel free to message me! I’d really appreciate it.

After a week of being run down with a cold, my other ‘issues’ have also flared up, keeping me from sleep and comfort and really heightening my anxiety. So, I’m extremely surprised to say I made it on my trip (Budapest – Bratislava – Vienna – ?)

I’ll be blogging about it all ready for next Sunday, so stay tuned.

In the meantime you can keep up to date via Instagram stories or various Facebook posts.

Lots of love xo

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