Teaching in Warsaw [2]

Hello, hello!

I’ve now been in Warsaw for 16 days and it feels like it’s been years already.

Here’s a very quick overview of positives from the last 7 days

  • My mental health blog post has reached over 200 views and I’ve had some amazing responses to it – thank you for sharing the post and also to those who shared their experiences with me too. Talking about mental health will slowly reduce the stigma attached to it and I won’t give up on it.
  • I have had some amazing students, lots of pictures and a lot of fun. On Tuesday I sung Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes over 20 times!
  • I’ve also made some new friends! *yay. Fwends*

This week has been stressful, challenging and wonderful all at once!

On Tuesday I had 6 different classes and taught over 100 children throughout the day. I created one slideshow based on body parts revision and then moving on to healthy and unhealthy food.

I had loads of worksheets, songs, flashcards and games prepared and was able to alter the exercises for each class as they’re all at different levels. It was awesome!

On Wednesday I saw two of the Tuesday classes and a year four class. Last week the year fours were a nightmare – rude, arrogant, troublesome and didn’t do any work at all. So this week I have the same work I gave to the year sixes and that really got them working. I guess the key is to make the lesson difficult if they’re going to mess around.

I could feel myself fighting a cold so I’ve been trying to eat as healthy as possible, sleep lots and I’m drinking oceans of water!

On Thursday I woke up early and walked into the city. I found TKMAXX and Miniso – yay! And then sat in Caffè Nero and had my breakfast.

Blue skies, good vibes.

All four of my classes went really well and each of my students worked hard and were in good spirits for so late in the evening. 7pm finish meant I had time to cook and sit down in front of the tv.

On Friday we had a mini snow storm for about an hour and the temperature plummeted. I arrived at school early and ended up waiting outside for 20 minutes! I’m absolutely not used to this cold! (Even though all the locals tell me it is not cold!!)

We had a good 2hour session on the Cambridge Young Learners Exam and the school even bought us lunch. #winning

A wonderful end to Friday as all my students were 5-8 years old and the most adorable little people.

With the 5 year olds we played Chinese whispers, Simon says, and I even introduced them to the hungry caterpillar.

I must admit though, I don’t think I could ever be a primary school teacher because I worry so much about them. They’re such little things and they’re sitting at desks with books and all I want to do is let them sing and dance and run around!

Anyway, I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

After work I met up with a new friend from the Expat group on Facebook and she showed me some of the cool pubs in the city. Thankfully we have loads in common and share the same views on teaching.

Plus £2 beers and a £2 taxi home – can’t go wrong!

On Saturday I went out in search of bookshops and found a literary museum and cafe – uhhhh was that built for me? I think so!

I found a lovely juice bar and coffee shop with loads of different coffees where I sat people watching for about an hour.

I met Jakub his lovely girlfriend and one of his friends as we did a bit of bar hopping! PiwPaw is a brilliant bar with over 35 beers on tap (or ciders, ales, lagers, etc) Still only £2 for beers! And then to an Irish bar (Molly Malone’s in the Old Town) to watch the football surrounded by English lads, banter and shitty beer! Just like being back at home.

When I got home I spent 3 hours preparing materials for an Advanced exam class that I’ll be teaching on Monday. The school haven’t given me any materials and there’s no record of previous work so I’m winging it big time – with huge thanks to Helene and Harry on this one!

Finally, Sunday Funday.

I’m an hour and a half into planning my lessons for Monday and Tuesday, I’m full of cold but the sun is shining and the skies are beautifully blue so I’m heading off to a pub quiz and have a wander around the town before getting an early night tonight.

5 days of teaching and then I’m off to Budapest! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

Teachers: How much time, on average, do you spend planning for the following day of teaching? How much is too much? Do you worry about your students once you leave the classroom? Do you often (or constantly) look for books, games or other activities to use in the classroom? Please share your thoughts with me.

Lots of love xo

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