A look back at 2018

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since my last post huh? You know how Christmas creeps up out of nowhere and overtakes your life for half of December, well it happened.

2019 is only a day away and I’d like to take a quick look back over the last 12 months. All of the crazy ups and downs that have taken place in and around my life.

I’m going to start off with my resolutions for 2018, which I kept extremely simple.

  1. try yoga
  2. take a dance class
  3. lose my stomach fat
  4. read more books than I did in 2017

Now, which ones do you think I managed?

It really should have been all five, especially as they’re fairly straightforward, but unfortunately it was 1 and 4. I’m definitely proud of reading so much this year – 58 books in total (and maybe I’ll read another before 2019).

2018: My biggest achievements

1. Ended a relationship I was extremely unhappy in.

2. Moved to China (despite hating it and coming home 5 weeks later)

3. Moved to Taiwan (despite getting sick and coming home 3  months later)

4. I landed a few huge interviews in the education sector, and although I didn’t get the jobs I learned so much throughout the processes.

5. Fought hard against a few nasty spells of depression and anxiety, and battling suspected Endometriosis – although my doctor and I have finally found some medication that keeps the pain away 90% of the time!

6. Stayed in at least one job for the entire year, even if it was part time and work from home.

7. I finally learned to stand up to bullies in the workplace, on more than one occasion.

8. I wrote 50,000 words of a novel in November.

9. I’ve worked really hard on my blog and don’t often care about the statistics, but looking at them overall I feel really proud of the progress I’m making

After spending 8 months at BEET, in Bournemouth, I learned the true meaning of friendship. I learned what it felt like to truly love a job and appreciate the people around me. I was waking up at 5:30am most days, coming home at 6, 7 or even later in the evening and none of it bothered me. I absolutely loved what I was doing and it was unbelievably uplifting.

Of course there were challenges, difficult days, tough students, because there always will be, but it was worth it. Every challenge was worth it for the rewards I got back.

I was surrounded by intelligent, kind people, positive, encouraging, wonderful people who supported me throughout my teaching and became great friends to share stories with, go for  beers, join in on school activities. I had a life. I finally, at 26/27, had the opportunity to experience what it was like to be satisfied with almost every aspect of my life. I loved my job and was surrounded by amazing people, and it felt truly fantastic. And yes, I miss it every day.

Taiwan was one of my favourite parts of this year and I’m not going to write about it too much now, because you can read at least 10 blog posts from my time there. What a fascinating, heartwarming, experience to go back to the country I grew up in.

The following are my favourite posts:

Let me know if you read any of them!

I feel as if this year has been many steps back followed by many steps forward. A real give and take sort of year where I’ve learned numerous new life lessons.


Song : One Kiss – Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa

Movie : The Greatest Showman

Books :

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

The Penguin Lessons

Camino Island

Day trip : Yingge and Sanxia, Taiwan

Moments :

My friend lending me money in Z├╝rich after my purse was stolen

BEET music nights

Coffee mornings with my friend Kimm and her daughter Gwen

Here’s my Instagram Top Nine

Did you stick to any of your resolutions?

What are some of your favourite moments from 2018?



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