Teaching in Hsinchu [6]

Week six!

Where is the time going?

If you’re following me on Instagram I guess you’ll have seen the ups and downs of the past two.

If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know I don’t like to sugar coat my feelings, and honestly the last two weeks have been really tough.

On Monday I handed in my notice and I’m now working my two-month notice period. What will I do next? I’m hoping to go back into teaching adults. I’ve had a few interviews and a handful of rejections so far. I don’t know if I want to go to Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Chile or Costa Rica, or even somewhere else! I’m applying all over the world, including here in Taiwan, and honestly – I’m really excited.

On Tuesday I had to apply for my working visa (which I’ll then change into a work permit) so I was up at 5:30 to catch the 6:30 train to Taipei. I bumped into my Dad’s colleague and we rode together – that was lovely! I was in and out of the visa office in 7 minutes! Possibly a record?

Notch Coffee in TaipeiNotch coffee in Taipei

It was absolutely pouring down, but I met my sister at Taipei Main Station and we wandered around looking for coffee and some breakfast.

We found Notch – and enjoyed a plate of waffles. The atmosphere was great until a large group came in taking photos and being really loud. The staff were super friendly and the prices were reasonable.

We walked around for a few hours and then I found the Peace Memorial Park. It’s small but the structures are beautiful and the area is lovely and calming.

228 peace memorial park Taipei

I had to head back to Hsinchu at 1:30 though so it wasn’t enough time to do much else.

Wednesday – happy birthday to Taiwan 十十

I’d had a terrible nights sleep and was feeling so unhappy, so when I finally got up I thought, screw it. Let’s go back to Taipei.

I booked a hostel private room for the night and packed a bag! When I arrived I took the MRT directly to Danshui, an old childhood favourite place. I walked for two hours and discovered parts I’d never seen before. I also tried guava juice for the first time ever! It was delicious!

Local food stalls in danshuiDanshui river Taipei

My sister finished work at 4 so I went to meet her, then found a wonderful coffee roasters right next to her hostel. I sat on a bench outside and listened to the rain hammering down as I sipped my hot coffee. Simple pleasures.

Thinking coffee roasters TaipeiThinking coffee roasters Taipei

We found a vegan restaurant 🌱 near Da’an park and shared a curry and quesadillas. It was great to eat a meal and know that I wasn’t going to be sick all evening!

We walked around the 101

Taipei 101 love sign

Taipei 101

and had waffles, mini pancakes and churros. I know, I know, I’m a greedy pig. By 10 o’clock we were fairly exhausted and head to the hostel.

Street churros TaipeiTaiwan marble soda

It was so wonderful. It’s called the The star hostel and it’s 2 minutes walk from Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT station. On the third floor is the reception and a lovely lounge area. You can choose to sit along the wall with a cushion or around a big long table on the floor. We bought some snacks from 7-11 and chilled out for a bit before going to bed. It was just so peaceful and lovely.

Star hostel Taipei

Thursday morning it was still pouring with rain! Nat and I were able to grab some toast and coffee for free at the hostel and then we walked around the shops. I found a cafe I wanted to visit on my last visit to Taiwan (August 2017) called Ray cafe. It was adorable and so reasonably priced, but the coffee wasn’t amazing. And yes, I did have another waffle.

Ray cafe Taipei

The train journey back was tedious, but I managed to read a good chunk of my book and also talk to my mum.

Work was extremely awkward and upsetting, but I won’t bore you with that.

Friday came around pretty quickly and it started off nicely. My friend picked me up and we went to Coffee Lover’s Planet in the Sogo / Big City mall. The prices are insane but I did have an avocado, tomato and salad sandwich on wholemeal bread. I haven’t had such a great sandwich in 6 while weeks so it was absolutely worthwhile! And, check out the presentation of the coffee. Mmmmmm….

Coffee lovers planet hsinchu

Work was beyond challenging. Some of the children are just so badly behaved. They whinge and whine and mess about. Even if you try and play games or do funny things they still don’t behave. I had to call the Chinese teacher to tell them off and even that didn’t help.

The older class were exhausted, hadn’t done their homework and clearly didn’t want to be in school at 8pm on a Friday. I feel bad for them, really, because they’re forced to be there by their parents. Even cracking jokes or trying to actually help them doesn’t make a difference. I feel completely powerless and pointless every time I walk into a classroom.

So I ended my Friday with some junk food and a few episodes of Jack Whitehall, so at least I ended the working week on a good note.

Travel scrapbook

Finally, Saturday.

I had so many ideas of what I wanted to do or where to go but none of it worked out. I ended up miles away, but found a lovely, but expensive, coffee shop (23 cafe)

23 cafe hsinchu

before finally heading home. I had such a great afternoon nap and when I woke up my sister was arriving into Hsinchu.

We had bibimbap again and got some snacks from 7-11 and spent the evening job-searching and CV-editing.

Sunday, today, has been one of my favourite days so far in Taiwan and I’m going to blog about it separately in the next few days. It’s been wonderful and my week is ending on a high note! I’m really excited to share my day with you all!

Taichung rainbow village

Happy weekend.

Happy new week ahead.


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