Testing Teacher Troubles

Yesterday was a tough one.

I woke up feeling a little off, but put it down to being woken up at 7. I cleaned the flat, did my washing and made coffee, before heading into the city.

I accidentally discovered another amazing coffee shop, although this one is take away only. The coffee was so fantastic!!

HILA – step

I wandered around the department store and found the coffee machines… they had the most amazing offer which included a grinder, knock box and a cold brew dripper (and the machine too) but it was still £1,500… it was SO tempting.

I ended up down one of the streets I found earlier in the week, but couldn’t re-find. Tadaaaa! The cutest little fashion shop / cafe was in the middle of the intersecting roads and the guy was just so lovely! It was 36°C outside and I picked an iced peach tea (with too much syrup – eeeeek.)


I felt so ill around lunch time. I think it was the heat, but I had to run to the bathroom thinking I was going to be sick. I knew I’d have to eat a proper meal so I gave up on my usual salad and and went to 春水堂 and had veggie noodles with green tea cabbage (SO DELICIOUS!) but no bubble tea for me. (NT$160 – £4)

I took the bus to work and tried to relax but my boss had left post-it notes on my lesson plan and I just instantly felt so much more stressed.

Fast tracking on, the classes were hell.





So many of the kids were badly behaved and it really annoyed and stressed me out. Rude, answering back, hitting each other, making baby noises when I asked them questions. Ugh.

I have to keep asking myself why I signed up to teach children because on days like these I really have no idea what I was thinking. And it makes me miss my old BEET students so much. 99% of them were absolutely amazing.

Thankfully I ended the evening with dinner with my housemates, and that was lovely at least.

So if you’re a teacher – I’m asking you…

How do you deal with bad behaviour in the classroom? Any tips or advice?

The children are allowed to speak Chinese in the class, which for those at 6-10 years old with almost no English knowledge, it can be very helpful for me to use Chinese with them. But it also means they have no incentive to only speak English. They’re not practicing enough sometimes.

The favourite word across the classes at the moment seems to be ‘poo poo’, for just about everything.

And then you have the sour-faced, moody, snarky teenagers that refuse to talk or do anything at all.

I just don’t know what to do! Help?!

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