Goodbye Bournemouth, Hello Llanrwst!

By now, many of you will know that my family and I recently left Bournemouth for North Wales! After spending one third of my life in Bournemouth, I felt a huge bag of mixed emotions about leaving. But mainly I felt sad about leaving my amazing colleagues and students, who I really miss!

However, I was extremely excited to finally move to Wales. Ever since visiting Swansea 9 summers ago, I’ve been in love with Wales, Welsh people, their accents – everything! I kept trying to convince my parents to buy a home in Wales, and they considered it on and off, but now it’s finally happened!

The little town we live in has around 3,000 residents and it’s called LLanrwst (pronounced Lan-rOOst). There aren’t many shops but there are three cute cafes, a few hotels with restaurants and at least a Boots and a few charity shops. I don’t even mind the lack of shops because the area is just SO BEAUTIFUL. The scenery is unreal. The valleys, mountains, lakes, rivers – it’s all amazing.

Plus, everyone is wonderfully friendly!

My parents seem happy and my mum is busy decorating their house.

AND My dad has one of his childhood friends living not too far away – and that’s wonderful! I met the family for the first time ever yesterday and they are just amazingly lovely.

I’ll leave you with some photos of this beautiful place… (more to follow or head over to my Instagram gzxklair)

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