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Panic. Panic. Panic.

On the plus side, my last few days have been pretty wonderful.

On Monday I had my last, final day of teaching (for real, this time).
It was lovely and the classes I taught were super. Genuinely brilliant students and some that I’d taught at some point over the last few months.

I honestly felt so emotional when I said my goodbyes at 2:30. I don’t know how I didn’t cry. Then after wandering around the town for a little while I met up with some colleagues for a goodbye dinner and that was brilliant! 

We went to my favourite restaurant in Bournemouth, called El Murrino, which is a lovely, family-run Italian place, and had cocktails, beers, pizzas, pastas! Such a great evening. I laughed so much and naturally that made me even more emotional when I had to say goodbye.

I text my mum to say I’d missed the early bus, therefore making me pretty late getting home. She took my text as ‘I’m stranded, please come and get me’ and she sent my dad in the car, pretty much immediately. So, I had to rush my goodbyes before I’d even finished my dessert and drinks. Which upset me immensely as I was having a fantastic evening. Anyway. I knew it was my last day with students, friends and colleagues, so I made the most of it.

Tuesday morning I awoke to a call which I thought might come, “Can you come in to cover one last time?” and unfortunately, sadly, I had to decline. I’m not even ready to go now and I certainly wasn’t ready 36 hours ago. I had said my goodbyes and wanted to leave it at that.

My entire Tuesday was spent packing, unpacking, washing, drying, drinking coffee, snapchat-ing my extremely boring packing situation. AND stuffing my face full of avocado toast.

Today has been one ball of freaking stress!

I had to pick up my contact lenses and cancel my payment.
I had to refund a dress and buy some extra items of clothing for the trip.
I tried to have a ‘quiet’ coffee break but that didn’t work.

My mama bought me some lovely new charms for my bracelet, which was a wonderful surprise! And we sat and had coffee and avocado toast together in the sun!

Since then I’ve been packing, unpacking, weighing, etcetc.

Then I had the email to say my flight’s been cancelled and after 20 minutes of mad panic, that’s all been sorted out. However, I will now have a 7 hour wait in the airport as my parents have to drive to Wales before the evening. It’s going to be such a pain. Then if I take the coach I have to spend money, risk being late. I will never forget how much I dislike flying, travelling, organising for trips etc.

Roll on Saturday when I finally arrive. Although I know I have a hugely long list of things to sort out when I arrive as well.

Sorry for this super naggy post.

I’m stressed as hell.

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