Pre-China Weekend

As my last weekend in the UK draws to a close, it only seems right to reflect on everything that I’m feeling at the moment. Wow. I am terrified.

Friday was the start of my ‘official’ goodbyes as I met up with a friend who I haven’t seen in over a year, and as soon as we met I instantly felt guilty for being such a rubbish friend to her. I had such a great time catching up and trying to fill each other in on our lives.

Just before meeting some students of mine I had a call from my boss / ex-boss to ask if I wanted to work one final day on Monday, and of course I said yes! So actually the next meet-up wasn’t a goodbye, it was just a really nice, relaxing few hours hanging out and eating burgers, talking about our families and cultures. It was lovely!

That meant my evening plans also weren’t ‘goodbyes’, they turned out to be a fantastic, hilarious, lovely Friday night of catching-up, listening to some great music and laughing at the crazy drunk people.

Saturday was lovely, especially as I had a lie-in! I had lunch with my parents, sister, uncle and my beautiful little cousin. We went to the beach and ate at a family-favourite restaurant called Vesuvio, in Westbourne / Alum Chine. Pizza, pastas, falafel burgers! Yuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmyyy!  My cousin, who’s only five, is one of the smartest, coolest, kindest, funniest children I’ve ever known and I absolutely adore him. His eyes sparkle when he talks and he laughs so honestly it’s amazing. Spending time with him just lifts my mood instantly. The only down side is my instax decided not to work and our pictures didn’t come out.

Saturday afternoon was standard. Football, reading, coffee and a nap. Whilst contemplating packing but really not getting very far with it.

Sunday, today, was pretty wonderful.

My mum, sister and I spent most of the day in Winchester having coffee, lunch, shopping for new work clothes, browsing… The weather was absolutely gorgeous, but bitterly cold.

I watched football, of course, had a little nap and finally made a start on actually packing my clothes. I’m in 9kg out of 30 so far and most of my clothes are packed. Onto the heavy stuff now like shoes, books, make up etc which will take up far too much space.

Since it’s my last Sunday in the UK I decided to make myself a roast dinner, which is my favourite English / comfort meal and it was deeeeeeeeeelicious! Plus, we opened a really special bottle of Doennhoff wine, that my parents gave me for my graduation back in 2016. Oh my gosh. It’s like drinking magical potions. It’s absolutely fantastic wine.

Now I’m sat on my bed surrounded by suitcases, documents, clothes, random things I may or may not need to take to China. With only 3 full days left, I’m 100% not ready yet. I can only hope by Wednesday I have sorted myself out. I still have a lot to do and tomorrow will be an emotional, real goodbyes day.

Goodnight all.


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