Checklist for China




Okay. Freak out over. Sort of.
I’m not even kidding when I say I AM SO NERVOUS.
Especially as I’ve had the worst stomach pains ever for 3 days running now and I have NO IDEA WHY!!! Why?! I just hope this isn’t going to continuously happen when I get to China.

This morning started off with us driving to Winton (a small part of Bournemouth) and dropped off EIGHT BAGS of clothes / stationery / random things. EIGHT BAGS. We took a trolley from Waitrose to push them round to the shop because they were so heavy.

I can finally see the floor in my room again!

And of course, being in Winton meant SMMOOOOOOTTTHHHIIIIEEEEESSSSS!!!!!

(The best smoothies IN THE WORLD!)

Next, I needed to stock up on medicine and flu stuff. Thanks to Boots I feel like I’m ready to take on my first cold in China! I’ll be like a walking pharmacy! But hey, I picked up some new, pretty clothes from New Look that I’ll be able to wear casually and for work, so I’m pleased about that.

My auntie made time to have lunch today which was awesome. My auntie is just amazing. Even though there’s not a big age gap between us I’ve always looked up to her and I feel sad that she won’t be ‘just down the road’ anymore. Still, it was great to catch up and say goodbye.

I BOUGHT SOME US DOLLARS! WOOOO! My last currency change was for Switzerland, but getting US dollars was weirdly exciting despite how totally dull the money actually is. Swiss money is kinda cool, pretty even. But no, not the dollars.

THEN. OMG. My parents, amazingly and wonderfully, agreed to lend me some money to buy a new phone. My iPhone SE is seriously giving up on life right now and it’s been driving me insane for weeks. I planned to wait until I arrived in China before buying a new phone but I changed my mind. As much as I’d liked to have spent £2-300 on a phone, not £700+, I wanted an iPhone. They make my life so much easier. I was originally deciding between the 7 and 8, but after looking at the cameras and talking to a few of the staff, I went with the 8 PLUS!


Aaaaaaaaaaah. My poor bank! Well, future bank balance. My current debt to my dad is ratherrrr a large number.

It’ll be worth it. I haven’t had chance to try out the camera yet but I need a proper case before I dare take it out of the house. I bought a shatter-proof screen today and then realised I’d applied it OVER the plastic sheet. How stupid can someone be? Ugh.

Anyway! The rest of the day was spent backing up phones / ipods etc and trying to relax. Not that I could since my stomach is still giving me so much pain, for some bizarre reason.

Then at 8pm we decided to do our weekly shop… wow is it nice shopping with no one else around. I stocked up on coffee beans to take to China, just in case there’s nothing decent in the town I’m moving to. And when I say town, I mean it’s a town by Chinese standards. By ours it’s probably a country. Ha.

And that’s it for now.

Less than one week to go and I still need to buy some insurance, decide what I’m actually taking and organise some sort of teaching materials. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK.

Stay tuned guys xo

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