Stonehenge and Salisbury

On an extremely windy, rainy and gloomy morning, I set off into Bournemouth ready to make our 9am coach. A group of 57 students, 4 teachers plus Ali and I were on a trip to Stonehenge.

It was the first time I’d been and in all honesty, I hadn’t heard many good reviews about the place. I can’t say I was excited. It absolutely poured with rain all day long. 

Once we arrived we were given audio tour headsets and bus tickets, we took a little bus up to the stones and… that was it. We walked up to the stones, walked along past them and then back again. Unfortunately that was about it. Especially as the rain was lashing down and my jeans were soaked through to my thighs.

Everyone was happy, taking photos and boomerangs, snapchats and selfies.

Back at the Visitor’s Center the gift shop was full of interesting souvenirs, beautiful jewelry, posters and loads of fascinating history and local books. It wasn’t long before everyone had piled into the cafe for coffees and hot chocolates – it was great to chill out with everyone.

When we arrived in Salisbury, Ali took us on a tour – giving us all the local information and even telling the students that the first McDonalds was down on Butchers’ Row – funnily enough some of them believed it!

The cathedral was absolutely breath-taking! I spent ages walking around, looking at every piece of it. Thankfully all of the students seem to enjoy it as well! How could you not?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much else to do in Salisbury once you’ve been to the cathedral and I found myself sat in Pret with a group of students for at least an hour, whilst we read, chatted and avoided the rain.

It was a pleasant day, but certainly nothing amazing and not something I’d particularly recommend unless it was a beautiful, warm day.

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  1. I love Salisbury, but I was thinking what would we do if it was pouring… once we went and it was drab all day and I was fed up .. yes you are right, Salisbury is best taken in sunshine, even winter sunshine . There are museums and a lovely National Trust House – which has a nice garden best appreciated in the sun! If you go there again and it’s fine, walk across the water meadows by the cathedral and there is a nice pub and mill. If you do catch a sunny day, to sit on the cathedral green is sublime, surrounded by happy student and school outings having picnics. Better luck next time.

  2. I just wrote a piece on Stonehenge myself! I did not find is as interesting as I hoped it would be, and considering how far it was from central London. Check out my post! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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